April 17, 2024

In a modest yet profoundly meaningful event, Ahmad Tijjani celebrated a remarkable milestone as he graduated from an Islamic school in Cape Coast on Sunday, February 25, 2024. Surrounded by peers and mentors, Ahmad’s accomplishment was hailed as a testament to dedication and perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge.

Addressing the gathering, the school’s leader, Alhaji Abubakar-Saddiq-Musa Commenda, underscored the significance of Ahmad’s achievement and the importance of commitment to Arabic and Islamic studies. He acknowledged the rigorous nature of the curriculum and commended Ahmad for his admirable dedication, noting his solitary status as this year’s graduate.

“Ahmad’s success serves as an inspiration to all our students,” remarked Alhaji Commenda. “His dedication and diligence exemplify the qualities necessary to excel in Arabic studies.”

Alhaji Commenda highlighted the challenges and rewards of the academic journey, revealing that in previous years, the school had seen larger graduating classes. With nine graduates the year before and thirteen the year prior to that, he expressed optimism for increased graduation rates in the future.

The school’s curriculum encompasses a comprehensive array of subjects, including The Qur’an, Arabic Studies, Islamic History, and Religious Knowledge. Alhaji Commenda emphasized the importance of these subjects in shaping well-rounded Islamic scholars who can contribute meaningfully to society.

Reflecting on the school’s heritage, Alhaji Commenda shared its rich history, tracing its roots back to his grandfather, Sheik Abubakar. He proudly recounted the lineage of Islamic leaders and scholars in his family, highlighting their contributions to the community over generations.

The ceremony concluded with Alhaji Commenda paying tribute to the current National Chief Imam, Sheik Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Sharbutu, praising his exemplary leadership and profound impact on the Ghanaian Islamic community’s spiritual and social development.

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