July 15, 2024

Lawyer Akbar Khomeini, a special aide to Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, expresses concerns about orchestrated attacks aimed at the Vice President as the NPP’s Special Delegates Congress approaches on August 26.

In a recent writeup, Akbar Khomeini reveals that Vice President Bawumia is facing unwarranted criticism, particularly in a surfaced video where MP Ken Agyepong claims to have negotiated the Sinohydro deal, casting doubts on the Vice President’s role.

Khomeini highlights doubts surrounding Agyepong’s claims, as it emerges that the MP was not involved in Sinohydro deal meetings or travels, raising questions about the authenticity of his statements.

The Sinohydro agreement, passed in Parliament in July 2018, has drawn attention, as Agyepong’s past opposition now seemingly contradicts his claim of negotiating the deal.

In response to allegations that the Vice President used government institutions to intimidate delegates, Khomeini refutes the accusations, pointing out that Bawumia lacks executive authority to deploy such means.

Akbar emphasizes the Vice President’s approach of appealing to delegates’ conscience and promoting peaceful dialogue as he seeks support for the NPP and government.

As the NPP Congress nears, the rank and file of the party hope for a constructive and inclusive gathering that strengthens the party and upholds democratic values.

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