April 12, 2024

Hon. Kwesi Amoako -Atta

  • As Coordinators pursue him for 350 pieces of LPG Cylinders, 400 pieces of street lights


Member of Parliament for Atiwa West, Amoako-Atta is in trouble with the Electoral Area Coordinators of his constituency for refusing to share to them goodies given to them by the President of the republic, Nana Akufo-Addo.

The Electoral Area Coordinators are protesting the alleged diversion of President’s assistance and package intended for them, two years after the items were delivered to the Member of Parliament.

They said, the MP has since gone quite over the items as though they were meant for him to keep in his warehouse.

‘It is becoming a norm for Kwasi Amoako-Atta to unduly hoard and sometimes divert things that are purely for party faithful in the constituency, accusing the road minister for hoarding gifts meant for delegates from the presidency’. The petition noted.

The disgruntled foot soldiers of Atiwa West Constituency have advised the Regional and National Party to focus more on issues bothering on the challenges facing the constituency or face their wrath.

We the Polling Station Officers and Electoral Area Coordinators are reportedly regrouping to fight what one of them called “selfish agenda of MP, Road Minister Amoako-Atta and his cohorts.

‘Despite the fact that we are in the ruling party, our Member of Parliament have turned us to opposition. “Some of us feel we are being taken for a ride. We are of the ruling party, but a few people are turning us into opposition for no reason,” the told The Hawk Newspaper.

‘In January 2017 after the NPP victory in 2016 election the President of the Republic sent 400 pieces of street lights and bulbs for the constituency. Almost two years now, these items have not been distributed.’  ‘About six (6) months ago, the President again sent 350 pieces of LPG cylinders to be distributed to polling station officers, yet these items are still being kept in the warehouse of the MP, Akwasi Amoako-Atta with no explanation to us as beneficiaries. The Electoral Area Coordinators and Polling Station Officers indicated in a letter to the Constituency Secretary and copied to the Regional and National Chairman.

They said, while other constituencies including their close neighbors ‘Atiwa East polling station officers have long received their items, their Member of Parliament is busily pretending and acting as though there were no such items in his custody for distribution.

They have directed the party as a matter of urgency to: 1.  explain why the constituency executives failed to mobilize the youth for the numerous job opportunities created by the government in the areas of Police Service, Community Police, Military, Prison Service, Planting for food and jobs, National Builders Corps (NABCO) etcetera.

2. Distribute the street lights to all communities in the constituency, and the LPG cylinders to the benefit of the suffering polling station officers.

3. Hold an emergency meeting with the MP, DCE and the Constituency Executives to discuss matters pertaining to the malfunctioning of party machinery in the constituency.

According to the angry foot soldiers, they will advise themselves accordingly if nothing is done about their grievances within seven days.

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