June 14, 2024

Vice President and NPP Flagbearer, Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana and flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has lashed out at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for their premature claims of victory in the upcoming 2024 elections. With just seven months remaining until the elections, Bawumia expressed skepticism about the NDC’s confidence in securing a win.

Speaking to over 200 participants at the 30th Anniversary celebration of NPP-USA, held at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Bawumia addressed the theme “30 Years of Political Dedication and Sacrifice; Honouring Our Heroes, Preserving Our Legacy, Securing Our Future Through Victory.” In his speech, he conveyed his doubts about the NDC’s self-assured stance.

“We are facing an election in about seven months, and it is us against our opponent, which is the NDC. They are seriously lacing their boots, and in fact, they are thinking, if you listen to them, that they have already won the elections. That is the noise they have been making,” Bawumia stated, challenging the NDC to justify their claims of imminent victory.

Bawumia questioned the basis on which the NDC believed they could win, urging them to explain their confidence. “What you will ask them is for the where? Where are they going to pass to win this election, and on what basis are they even going to claim that they have a chance?” he asked.

The Vice President further scrutinized the NDC’s record in government, their performance, and their vision, suggesting that their history does not support their confidence. “Is it their record in government when they were in government? Is it their performance or vision? So where are they going to pass? As I say, it will be like a movie to them,” he remarked.

Bawumia highlighted the economic failures he attributes to the NDC’s previous governance. He pointed out instances of economic downturns and low growth in various sectors under their administration. “When you look at their record in government, is it something that even though they think we have short memories? We saw how economic growth collapsed. We saw low agricultural and industrial growth. They saw an economy that did not face a crisis,” he elaborated.

The 30th Anniversary event served as a platform for Bawumia to rally the NPP supporters and emphasize the need to secure a victory in the upcoming elections. His remarks underscore the competitive and contentious nature of the political landscape as Ghana approaches the 2024 elections.

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