June 20, 2024

a picture of Osu Kinka We Dzaase, taken at the final funeral rites of Nii Kinka

Youth in Osu gear up for tomorrow’s massive demonstration, marching through township and principal streets to protest NPP Government’s alleged interference in Osu Chieftaincy issue.

Three parties are currently embroiled in an Osu Chieftaincy dispute, which is being heard by the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs. As a result, all claimants have been restrained from assuming the title of Osu Mantse until a final decision is reached in the case.

However, the Osu for Peace, Progress, and Unity Movement (OPPUM) alleges that the government is favoring one of the claimants, Bernard Botchway, and enabling him to defy the court’s order. Isaac Adotey Brown, the Organiser for OPPUM, expressed concerns in an interview with The Hawk newspaper that Bernard Botchway, who identifies himself as Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV, continues to receive invitations from the Ministry of Education for official events, thereby undermining the authority of the court.

“We are deeply concerned about the disregard for the legally empowered constitutional court by Bernard Botchway, who has no affiliation with either of the two Ruling Houses in Osu,” Isaac Adotey Brown emphasised.

Isaac Adotey Brown highlighted that the laws of the land have entrusted the Regional House of Chiefs with the responsibility of adjudicating such matters for a reason. He expressed his concern that the government should not be perceived as promoting a culture of complete disrespect and disregard for the court’s authority.

“We must prioritize the preservation of the court’s honour and authority, as well as the integrity of our Chieftaincy institution, to prevent our society from descending into lawlessness, chaos, and insecurity. These are the crucial issues we aim to address through our demonstration,” he emphasized. Isaac Adotey Brown further revealed that the demonstration is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Wednesday, July 19, 2023, commencing at 10 am. “The demonstration will commence from the Osu Five Junction, proceed through Ridge, Osu Oxford Street, the Police Headquarters, and culminate in front of the Accra Sports Stadium,” he informed.

Isaac Adotey Brown noted that the youth were deeply disappointed by the unprofessional conduct displayed by some police officers at the Osu Police Station while handling matters related to Osu Chieftaincy and security concerns. He emphasised that they would not hesitate to expose any police officers who contribute to a culture of insecurity in Osu through their evident bias, aiming to uphold transparency and accountability within the Police Service.

“We will be presenting a petition to the Speaker of Parliament, the Minister of Chieftaincy and Culture and the Inspector General of Police on various issues tomorrow, and we assure all that it will be a very peaceful demonstration. We are for peace and unity that is why we are embarking on this demonstration to alert the powers-that-be on the rising tensions in Osu as a result of the Chieftaincy dispute and related issues,” he stated.

He urged all individuals who value peace in Osu to participate in the demonstration, emphasising the importance of joining forces to safeguard Osu’s well-being and foster its progress and development.

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