Ejisu Voters ‘impressed’, likely to give Adoumi another term

Kwabena Owusu-Adoumi, MP Ejisu Constituency

Poorly maintained roads, lack of accommodation among government workers, poor water reticulation and lack of connectivity to the national grid 62 years after independence were some of the issues that came out during the 2016 parliamentary and presidential campaign across the country including the Ejisu Constituency in the Ashanti Region.

One by one the youths, women and men, including the Member of Parliament (MP)od the area, shared their experiences and highlighted the challenges that appeared to cut across residents of the Constituency.

Access to safe and clean water use to be a big concern in this area, it was a source of worry, we were scared that water-borne diseases could break out, we have few boreholes, are also located in very distant areas and the wells are dry. But thankfully, our MP has started construction of mechanized boreholes across the are said a resident. Ms Abigail, a nurse at Ejisu Hospital is happy about the construction of 2 storey Children’s Ward at Ejisu hospital.

She said the Children’s Ward, once completed, will help the hospital and the community which has been without Children’s ward.  Ms Abigail is confident the construction will also boost health care in the district.

And Ejisu Legislator, Kwabena Owusu Aduomi said development has taken place with projects from government, the MP and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) taking shape in Ejisu.

Speaking to The Hawk Newspaper, Owusu Aduomi said in all the communities of the constituency there is a project running or completed.

We are witnessing the benefits of being a Municipality, we have seen development and in the next second term of President Nana Addo, the face of Ejisu will change especially in the health and education sectors, he said.

Reacting to the issue of lack of boreholes, the Deputy Road Minister said, there is an ongoing mechanized borehole in some communities in within the constituency.

Another ongoing 30-seater water closets toilet facility in some schools and localities.
The MP has also initiated the construction six-unit semi-detached Teachers Bungalow at Asonomaso.
Through the Legislator, a number of classroom blocks and a staff house have been constructed.

We have also come across an ongoing construction of market at Asotwe being undertaken by the Member of Parliament for that area.

‘If Owusu-Adoumi is seeking a fourth term from the seat, may find it easier to repeat his 2016 feat — winning with a wide margin of votes over his contenders’, his constituents said.

Claiming that Owusu-Adoumi’s 12-year-long reign was “impressive”, a shopkeeper at Ejisu, one of two gates enclosing the city car park, told The Hawk: The ongoing projects is to the credit of Owusu-Adoumi. She claimed projects like the Children’s Ward, Boreholes, Teachers Bungalows are things his predecessors couldn’t achieved.

Political observers say while Owusu-Adoumi is facing anti-incumbency, caste equations will also play a role in the neck-and-neck contest.


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