April 12, 2024

Late Dr. Yaw Oduro Fianko

A Cuban Doctor, Dr. W Ruiz of Clínica Cira García, Habana, Cuba, claims he has over 30 years experience and debunked all the suggestions and predictions made by the Ghanaian doctors with only 8 years experience as theory yet still the predictions and suggestions made by the Ghanaian doctors in postgraduate training in Cuba came out to be true and could have prevented the sudden death of Dr. O. Y Fianko.

After the demise of Dr. O.Y Fianko, a teary Dr. W Ruiz now said in Spanish “me siento mal “, English translation, I feel bad.

Dr. W Ruiz is facing an accusation of gross negligence by three Ghanaian doctors in postgraduate training in Cuba, stemming from what they described as gaps in the management of Dr. Yaw Oduro Fianko who died on Tuesday, 20th September 2022 while undergoing treatment at Clínic Cira Garcia, Habana, Cuba.

The accusation against Dr. W. Ruiz, who works with Clínic Cira García, Calle 20. Esquena 4101, Avenida 41, Miramar, also alleges his refusal to manage Dr. Fianko at the intensive care when his symptoms worsened on account of unavailability of bed at ICU at the time of need of critical care.

For the three Ghanaian Resident Doctors, the 32-year-old resident general surgeon was murdered due to gross medical negligence and racial discrimination on the part of the Cuban Doctors.

To the Ghanaian Resident Doctors, failure of the Cuban Medical team on duty on Friday 16-09-2022 to recognize the urgency and seriousness of a high-grade fever in known Sickle Cell patient which warranted at least detention at the ward for observation in the hospital for at least 24 hours and admission if the fever persisted contributed to the loss of Dr. Fianko.

In their estimation, unwillingness of the attending Dr. W. Ruíz to admit Dr. Fianko on 18th September 2022 until persistent confrontations by Ghanaian  doctors in postgraduate training could be   attributed to the poor medical management that was meted out to him whiles on admission.

According to the Ghanaian Resident Doctors, the hospital prevented one of them who volunteered to stay with him as patient’s relative whiles on admission  who could have  at least alerted the health care providers when things were getting out of hand. Although in Cuba, it’s a standard practice that patients’ relatives are allowed to be by their patients as a care giver, their case was different.

Pressing further charges, they said, Dr W. Ruiz, who was the attending doctor blatantly refused to acknowledge the inputs suggested by accompanying Ghanaian resident doctors to him to include a chest X-Ray, ECG, Echocardiogram, very potent and wide coverage antibiotics, prophylaxis anticoagulant as well as being alert for a possible sickle Cell crisis and complications, the worst of which will be a thromboembolism and an acute chest syndrome. However, Dr. W. Ruiz regarded the suggestions and inputs from the Ghanaian doctors as theory and that he has over 30 years’ experience in medical practice.

They are also holding the Hospital for failure to have a multidisciplinary consult such as involvement of a Hematlesologist as at least to review Dr. Fianko, knowing very well that he was a known Sickle cell patient, and the input of hematology was very imperative as part of his management.

They are accusing the hospital for misdiagnosis, unacceptable medical treatment, medical negligence, low index of suspicion for sickle cell crisis with delayed critical management.

For them, the death could have been avoided if appropriate measures were put in place to prevent the irreversible Pulmonary Embolism.

Their suspicion was reinforced by   a confirmation of diagnosis by chest CT-Scan suggestive of Pulmonary Embolism which was suggested by accompanying resident doctors on day 1 of admission.

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