June 14, 2024

Jean Adukwei Mensah, Chairperson of EC

The Jean Adukwei Mensa led Electoral Commission on Thursday ordered all Regional Accountants of the of the Commission to hold on to the funds meant for the December 17 referendum.

The commission through its Deputy Chairman of Operation, Samuel Tettey, in a memo said; I write to request you to kindly hold on to funds meant for Referendum Ballot Issuers. Regional Directors are required to ensure that this directive is strictly complied with. Please stand by for further directives in due course.

It’s immediately unclear as to why the Electoral Umpire have taken to decision to placed embargo on funds meant for the referendum.

Ghanaians are sharply divided on party lines against the proposed amendment of Article 55 (3) of the 1992 Constitution which will make local government elections partisan.

The referendum has become necessary because Article 55 is an entrenched provision of the Constitution and therefore can only be amended through a referendum.

Government wants Ghanaians to back the proposed amendment through a vote but the National House of Chiefs like the opposition National Democratic Congress and the Chamber for Local Governance is against it.


Read the MEMO of the EC….

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