June 14, 2024

Ismaila Ali Horoya

Ghanaian law prohibits convicted felons from holding public office. But Delegates of National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Greater Accra Region still picked an ex-con to serve as Zongo Caucus Chairman.

Ismaila Ali Horoya was the apparent winner of the September 1 Greater Accra Regional election. But a group, has is take legal action to block him from holding the office.

The group is arguing that because Ismaila Ali Horoya, has been arrested by British security agents in London for transporting cocaine into that country and jailed for two years, he is ineligible to hold office.

At the time, news about the arrest of popular Ali Horoya, who is well connected, was restricted to street side gossips by acquaintances and others who could not dare broach the subject openly.

Horoya a is well known in the Nima suburb. He was the Ayawaso East Constituency Organizer when he was arrested and jailed.

The Electoral rules political parties prohibits any person convicted of any “infamous crime” from holding office.

We’re going to file a lawsuit based on the constitution of the state which prevents persons from holding office after they’ve been convicted.

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