May 30, 2024

Government through Ghana Education Service on Tuesday served notice for the immediate arrest and withdrawal a history textbook for primary two while taking steps necessary to strip current teaching of its “ideological bias”.

According to Ghana Education Service, some concerns have been raised with the primary two history textbook currently in use.

They claimed, that has necessitated the Management of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) to withdraw, with immediate effect, the approval of the textbook titled “History of Ghana Textbook for Primary 2” waiting for further scrutinization.

Management is by their letter urging all Regional Directors of Education to spread the information to all primary schools and primary 2 teachers to immediately stop using the above-mentioned textbook for history lessons.

They recommend strongly for all teachers to treat the directive with all seriousness it deserves, and as a matter of urgency.

Ghana Education Service demands that the textbook in question should be recall and kept for retrieval.

What is amusing however, is how the book got the approval of NaCCA in the first place before it was recommend for the consumption by innocent children?

Sadly, Ghana Education Service, a body clothed with oversight responsibility has failed to accept responsibility by punishing those responsible to ensure children are served with the right content in our schools.

We at The Hawk cdoes not support the use of distorted and biased history textbooks to teach our precious children. Together, we must not allow same.

As a sovereign nation, we have to fix the way history textbooks are published so we can make a correct textbook.

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