June 20, 2024

Madam Virginia Palmer, the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana, revealed that Ghana has emerged as the 14th largest sender of students globally to the United States of America (USA). She highlighted Ghana’s position as the second largest in Sub-Saharan Africa and noted that the Embassy witnessed a record number of Ghanaian students studying in the USA this year.
During her visit to the Volta Region to observe the Sixth Volta Trade and Investment Fair, Madam Palmer mentioned that the Embassy’s visa officers managed 10,000 visa appointments during the summer. She assured that efforts were underway to address visa backlogs and encouraged applicants to apply in a timely manner.
In addition to attending a Sports Investment Summit and Awards as part of the Fair, the Ambassador praised Ghanaian sports personalities who excelled in the United States. She emphasized the significance of sports diplomacy and mentioned the designation of a professional sports liaison in the Embassy’s visa section to facilitate such exchanges.
Expressing enthusiasm about developments in Volta’s sports, economy, trade, and investment sectors, Madam Palmer stated her intention to convey these opportunities to her country.
The Summit acknowledged contributions to sports development, honoring personalities such as Mr. Stephen Komla Hlordze, a Co-Founder of Handball in Ghana. Mr. Hlordze appreciated the recognition and urged continued excellence from sports individuals.

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