May 30, 2024

Alan Kyeremanten

While searching for soundbites from the Assin North by-election, I stumbled upon this clip on the hi-fi superhighway.

As soon as the clip ended, I took it upon myself to protect the unsuspecting participants from becoming victims of this enticing yet empty admonition.

I may not be grayed to talk about the genesis of the Party, but at least I can catalogue that which I have seen and read about in the not too long history.

Given my limited knowledge, I can only advise you to approach those words with skepticism. If you’re wondering why, the following reasons provide some justification.

The previous instance when he made a similar statement, he tried to leverage a resignation letter as a form of blackmail against the party. Currently, we have not reached a resolution regarding that letter.

Associating with the Alan brand subjected many individuals to diverse forms of subjugation. They were unfairly branded as internal Isis, internal yanom, and other derogatory terms. Consequently, hundreds of them were dethroned and stripped of their membership within the Party.

The Trio, along with Constituency and Regional Officers, faced suspension primarily due to the perception that they held anti-Akufo-Addo views. Moreover, elected Officers were unjustly removed from their positions based on unsubstantiated allegations, bypassing the proper protocols outlined in the party’s constitution.

They played a significant role in orchestrating the defeat of Members of Parliament who were perceived to be aligned with Alan. Unfortunately, Sir Randy was subjected to physical assault when Chairman Wontumi administered a series of forceful slaps upon him.

Nana Kwame, a young man with great potential, was tragically immobilized and left paralyzed for the remainder of his life. In a separate incident, Atuluk was brutally beaten, resulting in severe injuries, including a broken hand.

Prior to these incidents, Listowell Kusi Poku and Michael Ampong were violently attacked in the Western Region for advocating on behalf of Alan. They were subjected to a brutal beating.

Nana Ohene Ntow and Alhaji Mocktar Bamba were effectively stripped of their power and influence as General Secretary and National Organizer, respectively. Their positions within the party were diminished, rendering them impotent in their roles.

Shortly before he resigned from his lucrative position, he distanced himself from Hopeson Yao Adorye, a recent convert who sought to display loyalty through unprintable remarks.

I am not the only one who can attest that he took no action in response to any of the aforementioned incidents. You can inquire with him or any of his team members about what measures were taken regarding these matters. “Na kwatrikwa se wobe frawo ntoma aa” – one can indeed judge if he can don the cloth.

Stay vigilant! refuse to be misled and keep your thinking caps on.

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