June 20, 2024

Dr Lawrence Appiah

Dr Lawrence Appiah has expressed interest in serving his motherland as the next Electoral Commissioner.

Appiah is a celebrated NDC activist based in the United States of America. He is the founding father of the Diaspora Progressive Movement based in the USA. He has written extensively on why the NDC must return to govern Ghana.

He has represented the National Democratic Congress in media engagements.

Read below the reasons why Dr Lawrence Appiah insists he wants to succeed Jean Adukwei Mensah as the next Electoral Commissioner……

As soon as people read the above heading, they will think I am crazy. They will say, how can I become the Electoral Commissioner when everybody knows I am an NDC member who speaks for the NDC.

Those people who will make this argument don’t see anything wrong when Nana Addo appointed Dr Peter Appiahene to be a commissioner at the Electoral Commission. It is okay with them if Nana Addo destroys the institutions we have but they will have the greatest worries if someone else did it.

Sammy Awuku, the Director General of the National Lottery Agency (NLA) and a former National Organizer of the NPP said on Asempa FM last week that, they don’t allow members of the Lottery Agency to stake lotto because if they stake and win big, the public perception of the Agency will change. In other words, people might think the NLA is not fair to the general public and their interest in staking the lotto will fade away.

So, if Sammy Awuku, a Young Adult, knows this, how come to 80-year-old Nana Addo, a celebrated Lawyer, doesn’t know that? Or is it because he is a certificateless lawyer?

Nana B, the NPP National Organizer is on the radio saying Dr Appiahene is not an NPP member but goes on radio and TV to speak in favour of government policies. Most people want to leave Ghana because they say, the way NPP mount their defence on issues makes them look like fools. It is like they don’t have the brains to think, so the NPP communicators are thinking for them.

What surprises most is the quietness of the Christian Council, the Catholic Bishops Council, the Peace Council and the rest of the councils on the appointment of Dr Appiahene, a well-known NPP communicator, to the Electoral Commission. Is there something they know about the appointment, that the general public doesn’t know?

Has the Peace Council thought of the reaction of Ghanaians if Jean Mensah, Bossman Asare and Peter Appiahene put out the Presidential results in error? Would the people accept it as a genuine error? It amazes me why they have allowed Nana Addo to do this to the country.

I know my good friend, Eric Adjei, the NDC’s Bono deputy communications officer has said on several occasions that he and Dr Appiahene had been the only two panellists on several radio stations where he spoke for NDC and Dr Appiahene had spoken for the NPP. Apart from that, there are several videos and pictures where Dr Appiahene has featured prominently in NPP events. Are the Peace Council people saying they have not seen such videos and pictures?

Let any idiot say I am politically exposed if I am appointed the Electoral Commissioner in 2025. Ghana belongs to all of us.

Mahama reba.

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