June 14, 2024

Israel Oladele Ogundipe, the prophet of Celestial Church of Christ Global Genesis Parish, advised his members to invest in their future before giving all their money to the church.

According to Prophet Israel, believing that the future would take care of itself is reckless and foolhardy. He urged them to think about their future first. He said, “Don’t believe the future would take care of itself. It is a foolish mentality. I repeat, if there’s anybody we have in this church now that you want to invest in this church, I am not saying you should not follow the kingdom of God first but plan for your life. Plan for your family.”

He also mentioned that pastors may not reveal this to their members for fear that it may affect their tithes.

“A pastor will not remind you or ask you if you have planned for your future. At one point in time, if you are too poor, you will leave the church, and another person will come. Nobody will ask after you. The money you are supposed to invest in the church, bring it together and go invest in a property. If you buy land now for 5m in the next 10 years, maybe you will sell it for 50m.

“I am not saying don’t pay your tithe. I am not saying you shouldn’t give money to the church. I am not saying you shouldn’t bless your pastor. I am not saying you shouldn’t bless the wife and children of your pastor. But be wise,” he concluded.

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