June 14, 2024

Joana Gyan Cudjoe

Joana Gyan Cudjoe has emerged as a transformative force, dedicating her efforts to the constituency’s progress. Despite a high court ruling questioning her candidacy, Joana remains steadfast in her commitment to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the people of Amenfi Central.

Hon. Joana Gyan’s contributions span multiple sectors, reflecting her holistic approach to development. Her initiatives are creating tangible change and uplifting the community in meaningful ways.

Educational Sector Projects and Interventions
Joana’s commitment to education is evident in her various projects:

1. School Infrastructure: Joana supported the roofing of a school building at Bonsie Islamic School and donated school furniture to Agona Nyamebekyere Basic Schools.

2. Scholarships: She granted a four-year scholarship to 120 basic school pupils in Manukrom and Jerusalem and paid admission fees for university students in Pensanom.

3. Support for Self-Help Projects: Joana donated 100 bags of cement for a school project in Agave and supported Ankasie Donkorkrom with roofing sheets.

4. Renovations: She renovated classroom blocks in Agona Nyamebekyere and Agona Amenfi.

Health Sector Supports and Interventions
Joana’s initiatives in the health sector include:

1. CHPS Compound Projects: Donated 200 bags of cement each for CHPS compound building projects in Ankasie and Asuminam.

2. Medical Assistance: Sponsored the cost of a surgical operation in Kyeikrom and provided equipment to Adidaase Chichiso CHPS compound.

3. Health Screenings and Aid: Conducted free health screenings for over 2,000 people and provided food and clothing support in Agona Amenfi.

Energy Sector
In the energy sector, Joana facilitated the replacement of power transformers in Kyeikrom and Wuratrem Domeabra, and donated street bulbs to the Kwamang electoral area.

Water and Sanitation Development
Joana drilled five mechanized boreholes in Agona Amenfi, Jeduakese, and Agona Nyamebekyere, supported the mechanizing of a borehole in Ohenekrom, and donated a 5,000-litre poly tank to Ankamateng for water storage.

Agricultural Sector Supports
She supported constituents with farm equipment worth one hundred thousand cedis, including cutlasses, long boots, and spraying machines.

Human Resource Development and Supports
Joana established a factory employing over 30 people in Agona Amenfi and created jobs through her mining business.

Women Empowerment Interventions
She supported women’s groups in Kwamang, Manukrom, Ankasie, Kyeikrom, and Ajakamanso with seed funds.

Youth and Sports Development
Joana provided cash support for business purposes, donated sewing machines, and supported youth groups with a mower machine. She also supported various sports events and donated to the Amenfi Central Football Association.

Other Physical Projects
She donated cement for self-help projects, funded the construction of a temporary bridge in Asasetre, and supported the construction of a durbar center in Manso Amenfi. Additionally, she donated plastic chairs for community meetings and provided support for bridge construction in Wuratrem Ohianhyeda.

The Development Messiah of Amenfi Central
Hon. Joana Gyan Cudjoe’s unparalleled dedication and achievements in Amenfi Central mark her as a true leader and advocate for her community. Her work touches every sector, making her an indispensable figure in the constituency’s development.

As the December 7, 2023 elections approach, the people of Amenfi Central are proud and eager to cast their votes for Hon. Joana Gyan Cudjoe, the development messiah who embodies their hopes for a brighter future.

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