May 30, 2024

Kennedy Agyapong, known for his assertive demeanour, has made a bold claim that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) cannot secure electoral victories without his contribution.

Responding to interviewer on Tamale FM, who suggested that Agyapong was sidelined after losing the November 4 primaries, he confidently stated, “Let me tell you, without me, the NPP can never win elections. I am telling you. You know how many people are begging me? You know how much money they promised me, and I have refused? They offered me to step down. So, no… if I step down, we will lose. The sacrifices the party has made, I cannot selfishly take that amount of money and leave them to their fate. No! So, whoever is telling you, my brother, how can the NPP dump me? If they dump me, they will go to opposition. Because we all need each other. If I win, I still need the Vice President. I need other contestants.” He also mentioned that certain individuals close to the Vice President have been involved in what he described as “dirty games.”

The Chairman of Kencity media, who is one of the three contenders for the NPP’s flag-bearer position, is currently in the Northern Regions to put the final touches on his campaign to lead the NPP into the 2024 election.

However, Agyapong’s campaign seems to be riddled with contradictions from his previous statements. In a 2020 interview on JoyNews, he expressed his amusement when people chose to go into farming. He criticised the government for promoting farming while claiming there was nothing to gain from it. He challenged the government, questioning the inputs needed for successful farming and stating that he would not go into farming if he attended university. He considered it mindless for graduates to pursue farming as a means to combat poverty.

Interestingly, Agyapong’s current campaign to lead the NPP and Ghana emphasises cultivating the country’s vast arable land to feed not only Africa but also the world. He is telling delegates that he is the only one capable of harnessing the country’s fertile soil for its benefit.

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