June 20, 2024

The nature of the road leading to the District Capital

In the heart of the Oti Region, the Krachi Nchumuru District stands as a stark example, the sole district in the region still grappling with the absence of even a single tarred road. This unfortunate reality has cast a shadow over the residents of Borae, Chinderi, and the surrounding communities, instilling deep concern for the deteriorating state of their road network.

With a fervent appeal directed towards the government, these communities passionately emphasise the urgent necessity to alleviate the escalating traffic woes, foster comprehensive development, and fortify the commercial prospects both within the district and on a regional scale.

A recent investigative journey embarked upon by The Hawk News within the district unveiled a profoundly disheartening sight – the condition of the road network spanning from Borae to Chinderi; subsequently extending from Chenderi to Zongo Macheri and further to Banda. Countless residents, clearly perturbed, voiced their unanimous verdict on the roads – treacherous and virtually impassable, particularly when engulfed by the relentless torrents of rain.

Adawuroama Richard, a regular commuter along these afflicted roads, vented his displeasure with an air of urgency, pressing the District Chief Executive and the Oti Regional Minister to elevate the repair of this crucial infrastructure to utmost priority. His sentiment was underscored by the potential transformation that a well-constructed road could usher in for agricultural endeavors, facilitating the seamless transportation of produce to various markets.

In recounting his daily struggles, a seasoned VIP Bus Driver encapsulated his deep-seated frustration born out of navigating these challenging road conditions. He eloquently spotlighted the sheer ordeal experienced during the unforgiving rainy season, when vehicular mobility grinds to an excruciating halt.

Lamenting the stark contrast between the projected 15-minute journey between Borae and Chenderi and the current reality of an arduous 1 hour and 30-minute ordeal due to the appalling road conditions, he exemplified the extent to which basic transportation has been compromised.

For Nana Obrempong Kanya, the esteemed Paramount Chief of the Krachi Nchumuru Traditional Council, the imperative lies squarely with the government to accord paramount attention to the dire road predicament. His gravitas-infused stance is firmly rooted in the undeniable negative ramifications experienced by residents in their day-to-day lives. A particularly poignant concern highlighted was the ordeal endured by pregnant women in labor, who now find themselves grappling not only with the challenges of childbirth but also the harsh journey to access essential healthcare facilities.

With a vivid description of the dire plight faced by these expecting mothers, Nana Kanya underscored the inherent additional hardship imposed by the road’s appalling state. In a compelling plea to the government, he articulated an urgent call for immediate action, not just for the convenience of the district’s inhabitants, but as a critical lifeline for ensuring access to indispensable services.

The collective plea emanating from the residents of Krachi Nchumburu serves as a piercing beacon, illuminating the pressing demand for robust infrastructure development. It vividly underscores the trials confronted by communities grappling with the profound consequences of inadequate road connectivity.

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