May 30, 2024


I want to rant. Yes, I want to rant. I want to discuss political party manifestos and the numerous challenges hindering the country’s growth and whether they offer viable solutions to our problems. Do the manifestos of political parties address the challenges of the country? Do they truly tackle the issues facing the nation?

Sincerely, I hold the view that you cannot solve the problems of Ghana with USA, UK, or China solutions. In the same way, you can’t treat Canada and Australia’s wounds with Ghana solutions. Ghanaian problem requires Ghanaian solution. Local challenges demand local solutions. I am not by this suggestion for a moment saying one cannot copy an idea and customize it to suit his or her purpose.

We have barely eight months until the vote, and I’m not hearing any solutions to our challenges. So, I’m wondering if they’re living in this country with us, or if there’s another country called Ghana aside from where I am. I’ve heard of Guyana, but not Ghana.

I want to hear how you are going to combat three-dimensional power and defeat it. I want to hear you discuss the tools and equipment for this task.

I want to relate to your messages.

Tone down the blame game. Seven years of blame and counter-blame are enough. Now is the time to explain why you seek power and how you plan to approach things differently.

Show me that you understand our situation and that you have the best solutions.

I want to understand how we are going to ensure that FSHS students will not spend three months at home in the name of vacation. What kind of vacation is this supposed to be?

I want to know why our port charges more than those in Togo and Nigeria, and how we can make our port duty-free or at least drastically reduce the cost of clearing goods. Paying ten times the cost of a car just to clear it doesn’t make sense. It’s not a viable business model. It’s unjustifiable. Why can’t our port operate without charging fees?

I want to know how many schools are still under trees and how we plan to eradicate them. What’s the point of providing a computer to a child who’s learning under a tree?

I want to know the number and locations of untarred roads, their significance, and plans for their improvement. Explain how your approach to road construction will differ to ensure they remain usable for at least 15 years.

Tell me, because I want to hear how we can mitigate the impact of fuel price hikes. I want to know how our government can absorb the shock of the dollar’s impact on ordinary Ghanaians. Tell me how we can strengthen and make our cedi more dependable.

I want to hear how we can eradicate the galamsey menace. I want to hear how you are going to protect water bodies, forests, and lands in sync with climate change policies.

I want to hear your thoughts about our constitution and what you intend to do when given a chance.

I want to hear how you will ensure that the cost of living remains reasonable. Tell me that you will increase salaries whenever you deem it necessary to raise taxes.

I want to hear how you will make agriculture attractive and enticing. Tell me how you are going to add value to our natural resources.

I want to know your knowledge about TVET and how you intend to bridge the gap if not improve it.

Tell me how you can keep the prices of goods and services stable for at least 4 years. Prices of commodities should not be changing like traffic lights.

Let’s discuss your policies and programs.

Are you happy about corruption? Then tell me how you will fight it. Let’s know what you want to do.

Can you explain why the government of Ghana is not dealing directly with car manufacturing companies for supply? Since we have selected the Toyota Land Cruiser as our preferred car, why not deal with Toyota instead of the middlemen? Why use intermediaries when dealing directly is better?

I want to know. Keep your economics jargon, and explain to me in plain language how you will fulfill your promises. Be sincere, do your promises address the concerns of the youth? How will you address unemployment?

Enough of the gaslighting! Let’s feel like we belong by tackling our issues head-on.

I shall return to rant.

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