May 30, 2024

A picture of the burnt office

In a stunning development, the office of the deceased Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Krachi East has been consumed by a mysterious fire, sending shockwaves throughout the Municipality. This incident transpired scarcely a week after the demise of Bernard Aborkugya, who was appointed in May 2023 by President Akufo-Addo to succeed Francis Kofi Okesu, the former MCE who passed away under suspicious circumstances in September 2022.

Reports indicate that the fire was contained within the confines of the MCE’s office, with no extension beyond its walls. Shockingly, not a single document or asset endured the inferno, leaving many perplexed and spurring investigations into the circumstances surrounding both deaths and the blaze. Some are even questioning whether the fire was intentionally set to conceal wrongdoing.

As word of the fire spreads, speculation abounds, particularly in the Oti Regional and Krachi East Municipal capital of Dambai. Some residents even entertain the notion that the departed may be expressing their grievances from beyond the grave.

The timing of the conflagration only serves to heighten suspicions, with many now convinced that there is more to these tragedies than initially perceived. With both former MCEs failing to complete a year in their respective roles, concerns regarding the stability and integrity of the region are on the rise.

Meanwhile, Mr. Akoto, the Municipal Fire Officer, has stated that it is premature to attribute the fire to arson, emphasizing that investigations are ongoing. He assured the public that the cause of the fire would be communicated in due course.

The devastation wrought upon the MCE’s office serves as a stark reminder of the unsettling events unfolding in Krachi East, leaving residents and authorities alike apprehensive as they grapple with the enigmatic circumstances surrounding these abrupt upheavals.

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