May 30, 2024

The National Democratic Congress in Cape Coast has expressed disappointment over the decision of Mr Ernest Arthur, the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Cape Coast to sue the Cape Coast South MP Mr George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan for alleged defamation.

“His role is to steer development, promote peaceful coexistence and cohesion, ignite the essence of tolerance, unity and most importantly ensure that the two major political parties are at peace in the Metropolis,” the party said.

The MCE on Friday, October 29, filed a defamation suit against the MP.

At a press briefing, Mr George Justice Arthur, the NDC Secretary for the Cape Coast North Constituency, said the MCE’s decision to initiate a court action against the MP would set a bad precedence and delay development in the Metropolis.

He said the Cape Coast Mayor must be tolerant despite the political differences.

“There are a lot of issues we have decided to keep mute about. For instance, the MCE’s refusal to approve the MPs common fund for almost a year, but the MP is not fuming over it,” he noted.

Mr Arthur said the allegation that the MP paid $100 to each assembly member to vote against the MCE was false.

Highlighting, some achievements of Mr Ricketts-Hagan, Mr Arthur said the MP was instrumental in supporting education, health, water supply, road infrastructure, football development and various training programmes for the youth.

Ms Ophelia Sampson, the NDC Women’s Commissioner for the Cape Coast North Constituency, indicated that the step taken by the MCE was at the expense of peaceful coexistence.

She said no district or constituency could develop when its leaders did not work hand in hand, engaging and consulting each other on what could be done to lift the status of their areas.

She described the move as unwarranted, adding that it would only set development back and render the general populace impoverished.

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