May 30, 2024

Dr Frank Amoakohene,

In a surprising turn of events, Dr. Frank Amoakohene, the Ashanti Regional TikToker Secretary for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has found himself at the centre of a loyalty and commitment debate. This scrutiny comes from one of his ardent supporters and a prominent TikToker, known as Oppongkwasicharle, who has called into question his dedication to the party and its mission.

The controversy began when Dr. Amoakohene announced on his TikTok account that he had fired his producer and TikTok coach, Mrs. Juliet Amoakohene (his wife). This announcement led to a comment from Oppongkwasicharle, who urged the Regional Secretary to refocus his efforts on promoting the NDC and its agenda for the 2024 elections.
“Regional Secretary of NDC, please try and take this opportunity to sell the party for us to be in power in 2024 because that’s the task for NDC members,” Oppongkwasicharle commented under Dr. Frank Amoakohene’s video.
Dr Frank Amoakohene, a medical practitioner turned politician, has gained substantial online influence with 146.7k followers on his @dramoakohene TikTok account. However, his recent social media activity has shifted away from promoting the NDC and its objectives.
Instead of using his significant following to advocate for the NDC, Dr. Amoakohene’s TikTok and YouTube channels have increasingly featured personal content, including moments from his daily life with his wife, Juliet. This change in focus has raised concerns among NDC members, who believe that Dr. Amoakohene should be using his online presence to engage with voters and promote the party’s policies and candidate, John Dramani Mahama.
Dr. Amoakohene’s TikTok posts consistently generate significant engagement, with some videos amassing millions of likes, while others garner as few as 45k views. On average, Amoakohene’s TikTok posts receive around 55k likes. Nevertheless, the disparity between his personal content and his responsibilities within the party has raised doubts about his dedication to the NDC’s mission in the Ashanti Region.
In a similar vein, the Central Regional Communication Officer of the NDC, Gabriella Tetteh, has also faced criticism for her Facebook account, where she primarily teaches cooking jollof rice instead of projecting her principal and party in the minds of her followers. Despite having over 28k dedicated followers, she has diverted her focus from political engagement.
These developments highlight the growing importance of new media in political activities and raise questions about whether some politicians are fully leveraging the potential of social media to advance their party’s interests. For Dr. Frank Amoakohene and others, the challenge now lies in balancing personal content with their responsibilities within the NDC.

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