June 20, 2024

Sandra, the female bike rider who went viral after her emotional appeal against the ban on Okada (motorcycle) and Keke Napep (tricycle) hit the internet, has been rewarded with a car.

The 20-year-old, in an interview during a protest organized by bike riders, lamented on how the decision of the Lagos State government would affect her and her colleagues negatively.

In the video, Sandra revealed that she ventured into the bike hailing business because she didn’t want to sell her body to make ends meet.

She cried out that there were no jobs out there and that working as a commercial motorcyclist was the only thing, she was doing to take care of herself.

The video went viral, with lots of people commending her for taking up the tough job of riding people around Lagos despite being a female.

Following her outcry, Kokun Foundation put out a post on their social media pages asking anyone who had her contacts to reach out to them so they could help her.

Apparently, someone did and to the surprise of many and even the young lady, she was gifted a car to join any ride-hailing company of choice and the sum of fifty thousand naira to get her plate numbers.

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