June 20, 2024
A tense standoff has emerged within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as key figures Pope Yao Yevoo and Emmanuel Quarshie, occupying pivotal roles as Secretary and Deputy Organiser for the Volta Region, initiate a defamation lawsuit against their fellow party member and Regional Organiser, Korsi Bodja. The legal manoeuvre, now before a local court, seeks substantial damages of GH₵1 million, alleging a defamatory campaign orchestrated against them.
Beyond financial restitution, the lawsuit undertakes a more profound mission: to redress a perceived affront to the plaintiffs’ reputations. Central to this endeavour is a request for a court-ordered retraction of the alleged defamatory statements and their subsequent publications. The plaintiffs steadfastly demand that this retraction be accorded the same level of prominence as the original contentious declarations.
At the core of this legal standoff lies a series of allegations put forth by Korsi Bodja in a petition that was published in The Hawk Newspaper. The petition levels accusations against Yevoo and Quarshie, accusing them of orchestrating the deliberate diversion of campaign materials earmarked for distribution within Ewe communities in the lead-up to the Assin North Constituency bye-election. These materials reportedly encompass an array of items, including hairdryers, cutlasses, Wellington boots, head pans, fertilizers, and sewing machines.
A particularly incendiary query from the petition lingers: “If the Volta Regional Secretary is capable of overseeing the misappropriation of campaign materials from a distant location like Assin North to his home region, what might he not attempt with the same materials in his home region?” This insinuation, along with other assertions within the petition, has prompted Yevoo and Quarshie to mount a legal challenge in pursuit of vindication.
With strong resolve, the plaintiffs vehemently repudiate these allegations, asserting that such claims not only inflict damage upon their public standing but also impugn their integrity by branding them as untrustworthy, dishonest, and morally compromised individuals. They argue that the ramifications of these allegations reverberate beyond the public sphere, causing profound emotional distress and ignominy.
The legal proceedings initiated by Yevoo and Quarshie aspire to hold the defendant accountable for the reputational injury they claim to have suffered due to the alleged defamatory statements. Alongside the monetary claim of one million Ghana Cedis, the plaintiffs seek a spectrum of legal remedies. The lawsuit meticulously delineates their grievances, comprising a call for a formal declaration acknowledging the detrimental impact of the defendant’s assertions on their character, as well as a plea for damages that commensurate with the harm inflicted.
In addition to these measures, the plaintiffs entreat the court to mandate a conspicuous retraction of the contentious statements, coupled with an injunction that precludes the defendant from disseminating further defamatory commentary targeting them.
As the legal confrontation unfolds, it stands as a focal point, casting a spotlight on the intricate interplay between political dynamics, individual reputation, and the legal realm within the NPP. The forthcoming legal proceedings will wield the authority to ascertain the veracity of the plaintiff’s allegations, thus determining whether the defendant’s actions do indeed constitute the defamation that Yevoo and Quarshie assert.

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