June 14, 2024

The indefinitely suspended trio

The Osu Kinka We Dzaase of the Osu Traditional Council has suspended indefinitely three of its members who conspired and masterminded the illegal and purported installation of one Bernard Nortey Botchway as the Osu Mantse.

The three were cited in letters signed on behalf of the Dzaase by the Dzaasetse, Nii Saban Atsen VII for subversive conduct and violating behavioral code, customs and traditions of the Osu Stool.

The trio who were said to have conspired, and connived with external forces to scuttle the long-lasting peace and tranquility enjoyed by the people of Osu are, Nii Nortey Adumuah IV,(Oshiahene of Osu Kinka We), Nii Ashong Omaboe (Head of Adjuate We family) and Nii Akwei Addo (Oklemekuku), (family head of Teinor We. Amantra of Osu).

Each of the trio were separately and distinctively delt with according to the nature of their offences.

The Oshiahene was suspended indefinitely on three charges;

  1. For falsely holding himself as the Osu Kinkwa We Dzaase and forging a letterhead of the Kinka We Dzaase to seek the help of the Police Administration to install an ‘imposter’ as Osu Mantse.
  2. He and the head of his family (Adjuate We family) purportedly enstooled one Bernard Nortey Botchway, who is not from any of the two (2) Royal Houses of Osu, being the Owuo We, Amantra and Dowuona We of Osu, as the Osu Mantse, contrary to the customs and traditions of Osu in January 2022.
  3. His conduct was deemed by the Dzaase as subversive to the Osu Stool and the Osu Kinka We Dzaase and has brought the Osu Stool, the Osu Kinka We Dzaase and the entire Osu Traditional Area and Authority into disrepute.

Nii Ashong Omaboe, the head of Adjuate family was found to have aided and abetted Oshiahene to enstool the said Bernard Nortey Botchway whom the Dzaase emphasized does not hail from any of the Royal Houses of Osu.

However, Nii Akwei Addo (Oklemekuku) the head of Teinor We family was suspended for purportedly enstooling his son (Dr David Adotei Addotey) also not from any of the two Royal Houses of Osu as the Osu Mantse in violation of customs and traditions of Osu in August, 2021.

According to the letter suspending him, he has treated a directive of the Greater Accra House of Chiefs with scorn and impunity.

“At the Osu Kinka We Dzaase meeting held on Tuesday, 1st March 2022 at the Owuo We Royal Family House, Amantra-Osu, a decision was reached that you ought to be indefinitely suspended from the Osu Kinkawe Dzaase with immediate effect,” the letter stated.

“You are by this letter suspended indefinitely forthwith, in accordance with the decisions taken by the Osu Kinkawe Dzaase, until further notice,” the suspension letters under the name of Nii Saban Atsen VII (Dzasetse, Osu Kinkawe) read in part.

We reported in our 8th March 2022 edition that the Kinka We Dzaase (Kingmakers) represented by the Head of the Dzaase, Nii Saban Atsen VII, the Head of the Owuo We Royal Family, Edward Nortey Noi and the Head of the Dowuona Royal Family, William Nortey Dowuona, denounced the said Bernard Nii Nortey Botchway in a petition to the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs.

According to the Kingmakers, the late Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI was enstooled from Dowuona Royal Family and that it is the turn of the Owuo Royal Family to present a candidate to the Dzaase for his enstoolment as the Osu Mantse.

They stated that the Owuo Royal Family has not selected the said Bernard Botchway to be enstooled as Osu Mantse.

They acting as petitioners are seeking a declaration that it is only the Osu Kinka We Dzaase led by the Dzaasetse of Osu which is the legitimate body of Kingmakers of Osu that can request a candidate from the appropriate Royal House, select and enstool Osu Mantse.

They are also seeking a declaration that Nii Nortey Adumua IV, and David Lantei Odartey have no capacities to enstool the said Prof. Bernard Nortey Botchway or any person as Osu Mantse.

Meanwhile, the Osu Kinka We Dzaase and elders of Osu in a statement following the burial of the late Chief, Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona, affirmed the enstoolment of Teteete Nii Nortey Owuo IV as the new Osu Paramount Chief of Osu.


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