June 14, 2024

Bernard Mornah, PNC National Chairman

The National Chairman of opposition People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah has hinted that the Electoral Umpire, Jean Mensa would be outed from office if PNC is elected.

‘As for cooking petitions, anyone can cook petitions. ‘Petitions shall be cooked to get her out of office’. ‘If you enter through a backdoor, you shall go through the backdoor’.

The PNC National Chairman made this public in a one-on-one chat with Samuel Huntor on ‘pampaso’ a flagship on Radio Gold on Monday.

He said, if the President Akufo-Addo could forward petitions without signatures under the guise of ‘conveyor belt’, then anything is possible under a future PNC regime.

Jean Mensa must be a very happy woman. She does not need to waste her or Electoral Commission’s resources hiring lawyers to defend her continued stay in office in the event PNC is elected to form government because no number of Lawyers can save her from the angst of future PNC government.

Jean Mensa replaced Charlotte Osei Esq after some workers of the commission petitioned against her conduct in office.



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