Rahana Admits ‘Cooking’ For 2 Schools in A Bid to Block Sch. Feeding Graft Story

Hajia Rahana Aziz, Deputy NADMO Coord. Northern Region

The Deputy Director of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) for the Northern Region, Hajia Sulemana Rahana Aziz, has threatened to take legal action against the Editor of The Hawk Newspaper and the Acting Manager of Tamale Radio, Robicom Monarson for allegedly defaming her over School Feeding fraud.

This newspaper, reported on the 11th May 2021 that the Northern Regional Women Organizer cum Northern Regional Deputy NADMO Coordinator has been collecting subventions in pretext for cooking for nine schools.

It was our report that the schools allocated to Hajia Rahana could not be traced in the records of the Northern Regional Secretariat of Ghana School Feeding Programme.

We reported that Hajia Rahana Aziz went by a raft of pseudonyms, including her daughter, sisters, aides and her incapacitated grannie.

But in her spirited attempt to discredit the report, Hjia Rahana makes a confession through her Lawyer, Sylvester Isang that she (Rahana Aziz) has ONLY two schools under the School Feeding Programme and not nine (9) as reported by this Newspaper.

‘Our instructions are that if you have contacted our client for her response before going public with your false publication’ you would have realized that our client has only two schools under the School Feeding Programme and not nine (9) as you alleged.’ She said through her Lawyer.

For us, this admission is a vindication of our report that Hajia Rahana went by a raft of pseudonyms, including names of her biological daughter and sisters.

In our 11th May, 2021 story, we identified Sulemana Rahana as the name she (Hajia Sulemana Rahana Aziz) used for the Nyankpala D/A Primary project with EZswitch number 50609323-9.

By practice, standards and procedures by Ghana School Feeding Programme, one Caterer is not allowed to cook for more than five hundred pupils per school. Meanwhile, Nyankpala D/A Primary have a total enrollment of One Thousand, Three Hundred (1,300).

Curious is how a Deputy Regional NADMO Director got contracted as a Caterer to cook for school going children from Monday to Friday per week, per term for two uninterrupted academic years?

However, she’s yet to explain through her Lawyer how she was able to combine her busy schedules as Regional Women Organizer, Deputy NADMO Director and a Caterer for school feeding knowing well the school feeding contract is not transferrable?

Embarrassed by publication, Rahana through her Lawyer Sylvester Isang is demanding a retraction and apology plus a cash amount of GHS60,000.00 as damage done to her reputation.

For her, we should desist from ever publishing any information or whatsoever and however that will portray her negatively.

While vigorously chastising us for not fact-checking our information before publication, they were writing to one Francis Ejaku Donkor as the Editor of The Hawk Newspaper.

‘Our instructions are that you Francis Ejaku Donkoh subsequently appeared on various television stations and was also contacted by various radio stations to throw more light on your publication about our client’ one of the letters read.

We are unable to respond to the Demand Notice/ Notice of Intention to Commence Legal Action Against us because we have received two separate letters from Gbewaa Chambers-Tamale both signed by Lawyer Sylvester Isang; one via WhatsApp and another by DHL.

The notice served on me about 6; 10 AM on Wednesday, 26th May, 2021 by a man who identified himself via a WhatsApp conversation as Sylvester Isang of Gbewaa Chambers, Tamale and acting as Counsel for Hajia Rahana.

Then, on Thursday 27th May, 2021 a Rider with DHL by name Daniel Adjetey Adjei delivered to me an envelope from Gbewaa Chambers at about 6:45PM containing a Demand Notice /Notice to commence legal action against me.

Despite the importance placed on the letters from Gbewaa Chambers, we are sincerely at sea as to which of the two Demand Notice we should respond to.

Without prejudice, it is trite knowledge that until they cancel/withdraw one of the two Demand Notice/Notice of Intention to commence legal action after I communicated to Lawyer Sylvester Isang that I have received his letter from DHL, we may not be able to respond to both letters.


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