April 12, 2024

Chief S.D Dombo

Strong and sustainable democracy is dependent on the existence of well-functioning political traditions/parties. Political parties are crucial actors in bringing together diverse interests, recruiting and presenting candidates, and developing competing policy proposals that provide people with a choice. And the New Patriotic Party is no exception.

Left to me, the NPP must turn off their searchlight, but because my words are not law, I urge interested aspirants to start their efforts to succeed Nana Addo. This is because We are now in the era of permanent campaigns; elections are no longer quadrennial events; each begins the moment the other ends.

As we prepare for Akufo-Addo’s handing over, we must begin planning for the period y that will come after him. We must ask what NPP/Ghana will look like, so that we can align our expectations. As a matter of fact, permutations for 2024 have already begun.

In so doing, we must be fixated on competence, character, charisma, and above all the exigencies of time. This must be done in the interest of the Ghanaian people, and not narrowed to appease our self-entitlement egos.  We must as well eschew the MBA- ‘Me baha Akye’ theory. Where were the proponents of ‘‘Me baaha Akye’ when Freddie Blay won Stephen Ayensu Ntim to become the National Chairman?  As far as I am concerned, the ‘yɛnim no firi tete’ mantra was killed and buried in Koforidua as recent as 2018. How can you forget this historic burial service?

In my opinion, leadership is not acquired spending lifetime nursing ambitions and taking courses about confidence, and professional talking. Traits such as charisma, professional talking skills and confidence are born with a person. They either increase or decrease by time depending on experiences and situations a person passes through.

Essentially, I want to listen to a leader who can lay down policy points and persuade me on the best course of action. But charisma and intellect pale in comparison to the primary trait I desire in some of them trying to lead.

My personal belief is that the only factors that should be used in selecting NPP’s flagbearer should be their competence, knowledge and experience. However, it is also important to understand the political and social environment in which we all work.

Many of those who support the Bawumia 2024 agenda do so because they think it is important to the maintenance of equity and balance in the context of a nation as culturally and religiously diverse as our own. While those for Alan for 2024 have argued that it’s his time, and that he has long queued for this opportunity. This proposition though contentious, I desire not to debate same. I refuse the invitation because before him, there was Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku in this imaginary queue. Or he (KKA) is not a legitimate product of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo lineage?

While I recognize supporters of both sides may have good intentions, I strongly believe that there are intelligent and talented Ghanaians scattered all across this great nation. The focus should not be on the enthronement but, instead, on the development on a truly meritocratic party where the brightest and the best from all parts of the country have the opportunity to rise to the top no matter their background, tribe, religion or even gender.

I see it as my job as a patriotic Ghanaian to help bring about the development of such a society and it has always been my policy to surround myself with the most talented and capable people as I can find regardless of their tribal or religious affiliations.

Without mincing words, the NPP may suffer exponential decline in membership as well as quantum of votes in any future election should they sidestep Dr. Bawumia.

Bawumia is hard to be skipped, and difficult to be defeated. How will the NPP explain a rejection of Dr. Bawumia, the economic mallam, the generalissimo of digitisation to the Ghanaian people?

He has abundantly provoked grace to the extent that all the factors are pleasantly fallen on him. Historically, he is favored. Competently, he has established himself in his field of specialist, academically, he exemplifies excellence. He is humility personified. Indeed, there’s no window for the NPP to escape this time around.  What will be will be.

The party has an arduous responsibility, and obligation to demonstrate both in words and in action that they have some modicum of respect for the minority sects in the country. The NPP must in all sincerity swallow its pride and retrace their roots and account for Dombo’s absence.

The time is now for the beneficiaries of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition to swallow their pride and rethink how it amalgamated. While Danquah represented the Akyem Block, Busia represented the Ashante Block, Dombo, stood for Northerners. This is a fact, not conjecture!

Think about the merger and how the smaller sects buried their parochial interests for the group’s success. The Anlo Youth Organization, the Moslem Association Party, the Togoland Congress, and the Ga Shifimokpee.

Even as I admit sincerely the dominance of Ashantis in the then National Liberation Movement (NLM), I reckon the fact that the NLM couldn’t have ‘liberated’ themselves without Dombo’s Northern People’s Party.

Slow down, lower the volume and listen!

Chief S.D. Dombo was the leader of Northern People’s Party (NPP). He served as the   Deputy Leader of United Party (UP) and Deputy opposition leader. Appointed as minister of state Interior and Health under the second republic.

As the leader of the main opposition, he didn’t think about himself, he looked beyond his shoulders and ceded his power and influence for the merger. He didn’t ask to be made the flagbearer of the new force. That was a mark of a forward thinker.

He didn’t do that for the minority sects to perpetually play the role of second fiddle in the struggle even after his death. He did what he did due to the exigencies of time.

It’s my considered view that the NPP is obligated to reciprocate the comradeship of the smaller sects in the amalgamation, for a climbing plant does not stay alone.  Yes, we rise by lifting others.

The Ashantis say’ ‘Sɛ yenam baanu som fidie a yenam baanu na hwɛ’ …If the tradition is indeed the what the tripartite taxonomy says it is, then where is Dombo? Prof. Adu Boahene and Nana Akufo-Addo are descendants of Danquah as John Agyekum Kufour represents Kofi Abrefa Busia. How wrong would I be to ask for the whereabouts of Dombo?

Be guided by the wise counsel of Bob Nesta Marley so you don’t become thirsty in the era of wanton abundance of water.

Need I remind you that the NDC is patiently waiting to wash and rinse you dry for rejecting Dr. Bawumia as Akufo-Addo’s successor?

Must it take me to tell you that you have a duty to restore the NPP and make it regain its national character?

The NPP must stop using the minority sects as their towels, useful   only after bath.

They must cross seven rivers and seven mountains to prove that minority sects’ matter. They must be ready to fight seven headed spirit to ensure competence and equity prevail.

When the going was tougher, he came across as the Alpha and Omega of Economics. He has proven to be the standard of emulation. His loyalty is beyond description. He has paid his dues.

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