April 12, 2024

Sammi Awuku

With due deference to the other politicians, Sammi Awuku needs no introduction. He earned a formidable reputation as a genuinely generous persona, immensely committed to humanity and humanistic causes over time.

From the very day, Sammi took over the reins of leadership and showed the signs of performance, his detractors have been waiting for him to falter. They may have to wait for eternity as the make-up of Mr. Awuku has no room for developmental loss of focus.

Today, Sammi has proved the Ghanaian people right. He has lived up to their expectations. Everywhere you turn in NPP, you hear Sammi.

The Sammi administration has ensured that leadership gets a human face. Leadership has come to live with the people and the people are glad.

I find him very fascinating. He is compassionate, loyal and humane. These for me are his greatest strengths and they are responsible for the huge sense of empathy that he has. He is there for you in good times and in bad times and his commitment is total, unwavering.

In addition to these, his work ethic is incredible and his determination to succeed in all he does is phenomenal. He is many things to many people and most of them will agree that his generosity knows no bounds.

Sammi is one of the few genuinely detribalized and non-partisan people I know. He is, indeed, a national citizen.

He is at home with people no matter their background. He has no chip on his shoulders and is conscious of his roots. He goes out of his way to fight for the downtrodden, the weak, the marginalized and those forgotten by society.

Sammi has unparalleled political energy, intelligence, knowledge, humility and humanity that have assisted him in navigating the murky waters of political adventure in both Ghana and abroad. Guided by the principles of hard work, commitment and passion for success, he was able to engineer the turn-around maintenance of the New Patriotic Party youth wing despite inherent minefields. The success of this project became the impetus for the tremendous victory chalked by the party.

Authentic patriots are known not only for the giant strides they have made in their chosen careers or professions but also for how much they have given back to the less privileged and the society through which they meander to greatness.

Continuously fired by the desire to give back and constantly reminded that he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is committed to the creation of life-improving economic opportunities for the youth through education.

Most importantly, the world has noticed. In a country where leaders are certified authors of excuses of why they are entitled to fail, everyone is eager to celebrate Sammi, a proven performer. Everyone is eager to cite Sammi Awuku as an example, worthy of recognition and celebration. Everyone is asking the question; where is Awuku getting the resources to perform.

The consensus is quite clear. He had worked hard to merit the recognition. He has judiciously improved the living condition of the people.

Sammi has clearly shown the route to pragmatic leadership and the effective deployment of scarce resources. In celebrating Sammi, other officials would be encouraged to improve their respective portfolios and plant a new narrative on the lips of the people. That way, the entire nation benefits.

Happy Birthday, Capo!


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