July 19, 2024

Owusu Agyekum Receiving Certificate at Congregation Ceremony

A former SRC President of Sunyani Polytechnic, now Sunyani Technical University, Owusu Agyekum, has come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against lecturers at his alma mater. Agyekum, who currently serves in the UK Army, alleges that some lecturers at the institution have been engaging in sex-for-grade practices, preying on vulnerable female students.

Expressing his determination to expose wrongdoing in Ghana in a viral video, Agyekum emphasized the need to address this concerning issue plaguing tertiary institutions. He stated, “I have long been wanting to speak about this cancer, but there were no laws to protect whistleblowers back then. He knew he would have been tormented at the said time.”

While Agyekum refrained from naming all implicated lecturers, he singled out one particular individual who he claims has gained notoriety for his exploitative behavior. This lecturer, allegedly a former Dean of Students’ Affairs in the Marketing Department, is accused of disrespecting female students, coercing them into sexual relationships, and victimizing those who rebuff his advances.

Agyekum alleges that despite reports of misconduct, this lecturer faced no repercussions, even being involved in a rape case during an excursion trip. He asserts, “This lecturer was the worst of all the lecturers involved in the sex-for-grade business. This lecturer would embarrass and harass ladies with pictures of his manhood, driving to the residence of female students to fight male students over girls.”

The gravity of the situation is underscored by Agyekum’s revelation that five female students have approached him, sharing their traumatic experiences with the same lecturer. Shockingly, two of these students have reportedly abandoned interest in men, turning to same-sex relationships due to their harrowing encounters.

Calling for urgent action from the university’s council, Agyekum implores authorities to address the pervasive culture of fear and intimidation perpetuated by these lecturers. He warns, “Female students with papers to resist are afraid of this lecturer, as such, have abandoned education.”

In a bold challenge to those who may doubt his claims, Agyekum asserts his readiness to substantiate his allegations with evidence spanning from 2012 through his tenure as SRC President in 2017 to the present day. He calls upon lecturers from various departments to confront him, confident in his ability to provide irrefutable proof of misconduct.

The allegations leveled by Agyekum shine a spotlight on the pervasive issue of sexual misconduct within academic institutions and underscore the urgent need for robust measures to address and prevent such behavior. As the university community awaits further developments, there is a collective call for accountability, transparency, and justice to be served.

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