June 14, 2024

Joseph Cudjoe, MP Effia Constituency

Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister, Joseph Cudjoe, has urged his party members especially those of the Effia Constituency to contribute their quota to the success of the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s administration rather than undermine it.

Not doing so, the legislator said, amounts to a sabotage of a government “they helped institute”.

In an article restating his position, Hon. Cudjoe said it was unfortunate that Constituency Executives of the NPP were sabotaging their MP and government.

“I believe we need to retrace our steps and reconsider our stand as executives on matters of public interest.

Details of the article published below….


This morning as I read the messages on the platform of Effia Constituency Executives, I feel so sorry for what Effia Constituency has become now. I have tried so hard to build a constituency where unity among NPP members is the key strength to contest the NDC. I wish I got the Constituency Chairman’s (Mr Addey) support to sustain this effort which has cost me a lot of both my personal time and financial resources. To initiate an attack on a sitting MP just like he did in the past against Hon Joe Baidoo Ansah, only resulted in grave disunity like what is happening now. Now we have a case of where Constituency Executives are sharply divided with some shamefully following Mr Addey and others shamelessly following Mr Cudjoe (myself). Not too good for our dear NPP party in both ways. Am I right?

We haven’t gone anywhere in the Mr Addey-followers versus Mr Cudjoe-followers and slaps have started. On record, Constituency Youth Organiser, Prof, has been slapped in a meeting by his fellow Constituency Executive, Gado, who is now being described by some Polling Station Executives as a Slapping Specialist or Slapper. This is a reflection of the same sharp division that led to Mr Addey then Chairman of Effia-Kwesimintsim Constituency being slapped by Chief Buhari, then his Secretary. Insults like what is happening now on this platform was the order of the day at meetings. I received and tolerated plenty of the insult that time just like I continue to receive it today. “Insulters” are at work, “Slappers” are at work, Attackers are at work, Liars are Work, Hypocrites are at work, Schemers and Planners of evil in the name of politics are at work and they are now being followed and adored without questioning. All of a sudden, good people have turned and been turned into bad people. NPP Constituency Executives who should work to SUPPORT the work of the NPP MP, are now being rallied to work AGAINST the good image of the NPP MP.

Chairman Addey’s style of politics and legacy of disunity continues has reared its ugly face and continues now in Effia Constituency. I remember vividly when in meetings, Chairman Addey would order me like a school boy to boycott a Constituency Executives meeting and I would courteously disobey his orders and sit in the meeting because I wasn’t interested in disunity. Chief Buhari (then Secretary) and Mr Odame (then Vice Chair), Akoto (then Organiser), Amaria, Efe, etc (all Constituency Execs then and I miss them as I write this peace), would later admire my boldness and independence of mind as well as my effort to build unity. We later worked so hard together until the Constituency was divided into Effia and Kwesimintsim.

After the division, there was one united Constituency Executive body until Chairman Addey started it again by accusing everybody else apart from himself and went ahead to form another team of Executives with the sole hidden objective of removing the sitting MP again. Some current Executives have innocently aligned with this objective. Others have aligned willfully. Others still, have aligned because of their own greed and unappreciative nature. Chaos!!!

So now, if in Effia Constituency, the NPP Constituency Research Officer (Kobby Ewusie) and NPP Constituency Youth Organiser (Eshun Nunoo) are exchanging these shameful and shameless and embarrassing insults against each other on the Constituency Executives platform, then it is obvious that the Head or the Chairman of NPP party structure in Effia Constituency has FAILED woefully. Unfortunately, good people fail to recognize this FAILURE and rather support it. And unfortunately, again, the Chairman of Effia Constituency himself also fails to recognize that the prevailing chaos is the legacy he is leaving as the Head of the New Patriotic Party structure of Effia Constituency. This is, absolutely, a bizarre legacy.


As an NPP MP being attacked by some NPP Constituency Executives (names withheld now), I will continue to resist the attack to maintain and project the good and peaceful image of NPP as a party so that the party can secure more votes in 2020 whether or not I will become NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate. This is because the party’s interest is important to me, and should reasonably be more important to me, than my personal interest.


My candid thinking is that since the referee himself (the Constituency Chairman) has formed his team, the other team will attempt to defend itself from a bias referee. This is natural. In this case, analytically speaking, the game will be expected to be full of chaos with a bias referee as has started happening already with slaps and insults and a Chairman is presiding over it. The chaos and attacks will continue until reasonable people start to see reason not to follow a bias referee who has already declared a loss for the other team even before the game starts.

IN ALL THIS, I REMAIN MP FOR ALL CONSTITUENCY EXECUTIVES. Those who are working with me now should continue. Those who are against should see reason and come along because I stand for increased NPP votes in 2020. Thanks for taking the pain to read.


The above is unedited and I wrote it with my “O”-Level English which I didn’t even pass with A+. So please forgive my poor English. This disclaimer is important to me because our Constituency Research Officer is marking our poor English Language skills. Lol



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