June 20, 2024

Pope Yao Yevoo, Secretary Volta NPP

A new wave of crisis has struck the Volta regional arm of the New Patriotic Party, concerning the campaign materials designated for the Assin North Constituency’s by-election on June 21, 2023.

The current crisis is unfolding within the regional office, as regional officers find themselves at odds with one another. In a petition directed to the General Secretary, the Regional Organizer has made severe allegations against Pope Yaovi, the Regional Secretary and Emmanuel Quashie Kyenkyenhene, the  Deputy Regional Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), and has called for an investigation into their conduct.

He further requests that if found guilty, Pope Yevu and be sanctioned and removed from his leadership position within the party in the region, in addition to refunding the misused resources.

Korsi Bodja has accused both the Secretary and Deputy Organizer of mishandling and diverting campaign materials that were entrusted to them for the Assin North by-election. These materials encompassed various items such as hairdryers, cutlasses, Wellington boots, head pans, fertilizers, and sewing machines, specifically intended for the Ewe communities within the Assin-North Constituency.

In Bodja’s estimation, the materials were not distributed according to plan.

According to him, while he and his team actively campaigned in the Ewe communities, other regional executives, including the regional secretary and deputy regional organizer, allegedly conspired and diverted the campaign materials.

Bodja alleges that a significant portion of the campaign logistics ended up in the hotel rooms of the regional secretary and was subsequently moved from the Assin-North Constituency to an unknown destination in the Volta Region.

To support these claims, Bodja has submitted video footage supposedly depicting the regional secretary covertly loading the campaign items into his car, with the deputy regional organizer’s assistance. This incident he alleged occurred at approximately 3:58 am on June 28, 2023, a day after the Assin North by-election.

Bodja argues that the actions of Officers were irresponsible and disloyal, significantly impacting the party’s campaign efforts in the Ewe communities of Assin-North. He emphasizes that these actions contravene Article 3, Clauses 3, 5, and 6 of the party’s constitution, which delineate the expected conduct and accountability of party officials.

Given the gravity of these allegations, Bodja has petitioned the relevant authorities to summon Pope Yevu and Kyenkyenhene and hold them accountable for the campaign materials entrusted to them during the Assin-North by-election.

The outcome of this petition holds significant implications for the NPP and its activities in the Volta Region. Prompt action and transparent response from party leaders, both at the regional and national levels, will be crucial in upholding the party’s integrity and addressing the concerns raised in Bodja’s petition.

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