June 14, 2024

Unkle Ato (RT) in a handshake with Ishak (LT)

In a heartwarming display of appreciation for unwavering support, Unkle Ato, an ardent supporter of political candidate Ekow Ewusi, gifted a 100×100 tiling machine to Ishak (The Tiler), a dedicated campaigner for Ewusi’s cause. The touching gesture comes despite Ishak never having met or spoken with Ekow Ewusi in person.

Unkle Ato, who shares a passion for Ekow Ewusi’s mission, learned of Ishak’s fervent support and decided to honour his dedication by purchasing the tiling machine on behalf of Ekow Ewusi. The act of generosity aims to empower Ishak to continue his campaign efforts and inspire others to follow suit.

During the presentation of the tiling machine, Unkle Ato conveyed his gratitude to Ishak for his genuine support and selfless commitment to Ekow Ewusi’s campaign. He stated, “It is because of his genuine support for Ekow Ewusi that I bought this machine for him as a gift. We hope that this gesture will empower him to keep supporting Ekow and encourage others to do the same.”

Unkle Ato, speaking on behalf of Ekow Ewusi, expressed the candidate’s deep appreciation for Ishak’s dedication and unwavering commitment. He added that Ekow Ewusi hopes to recognize and inspire individuals like Ishak who passionately believe in his vision.

Emotions ran high as Ishak (The Tiler) received the unexpected gift. He expressed overwhelming gratitude, stating that he had never experienced such generosity before. Ishak reaffirmed his unflagging solidarity with Ekow Ewusi and pledged to tirelessly work towards his success. One of Ishak’s greatest wishes is to meet Ekow Ewusi face-to-face, a dream that he now holds hope of realizing in the future.

The heartwarming story of Unkle Ato’s gift to Ishak (The Tiler) serves as a testament to the power of unwavering support and dedication in the realm of politics, emphasizing that genuine passion for a cause can bridge gaps and inspire acts of kindness even in the absence of personal interactions.

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