May 30, 2024

Omanhene of Techiman Nana Oseadeayo Akumfi Ameyaw IV

Omanhene Calls for Exclusion of Northern Candidates from Parliamentary Race

The Omanhene of the Techiman traditional area, Nana Oseadeayo Akumfi Ameyaw IV, has rejected the choice of the delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Christopher Beyere Basongti, and instructed his subjects in the Techiman North and South Constituencies to reject any Northern aspirants put forward by any of the political parties in the forthcoming parliamentary primaries and general elections.

Christopher Beyere Basongti won the nomination of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to lead them in the 2020 parliamentary elections in the Techiman South Constituency. However, the Techiman Manhene says the indigenes of the area are too educated to allow themselves to be led by Northern settlers. He made this admonishment during a durbar, stating, “We have, since our forebearers, pushed and fought for a new region. Now we are fortunate to have both the region and the capital; we can’t allow non-indigenes to lead us.” To him, just as Ghana fought for independence after being long colonized by the British, they would not allow themselves to be colonized by people from the Northern Region.

Before Nana Ameyaw launched his campaign against Christopher Beyere Basongti, the former Brong Ahafo Regional Chairman of the NDC, Lawyer Owusu Agyeman, had embarked on the same campaign on Classic FM. The former Regional Chairman stated that he chased Christopher away when he first came to tell him about his intention to contest in the primaries. For him, Lawyer Owusu Agyeman believes the gentleman is not credible enough to have passed vetting. He mentioned that apart from the fact that Christopher is not trustworthy, he is not a resident in the community, although he runs a school in the community.

Nana Akumfi Ameyaw referenced the unfortunate incident of Atebubu to buttress his campaign against Northerners wishing to represent their political parties in the Techiman Municipality. Justifying the call by the Techiman Manhene, Nana Afena Nkatia, the Twafo Hene of the Techiman Traditional Council, called for the need to amend the electoral laws to prevent settlers from contesting for elective positions. “The directives of the Omanhene are unconstitutional and an infringement of the rights of non-indigenes in the area,” he stated. “This is an affront to the rule of law. I can’t believe this is spearheaded by an officer of the court,” a political connoisseur told The Hawk on strict anonymity.

“I can pardon the Twafo Hene, but not Lawyer Owusu Agyeman and the Omanhene of Techiman, who are both Lawyers and should know better the position of the law in matters such as this,” he added. “I think the people in that area are gradually gaining notoriety for lawlessness. We have not forgotten about the ostracism of Sanja Nanja by the Chiefs and Elders of Atebubu, and now Techiman,” he lamented.

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