May 30, 2024

The National Youth Organizer of National Democratic Congress, NDC, George Opare-Addo has vowed to deliver for the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, the NDC in the December presidential election.

He also vowed to resist all forms of rigging in the election, and urged the Jean Mensa led Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure a level playing field for all the candidates and their political parties.

Opare-Addo made the promise during a media interaction with Samuel Huntor on ‘pampaso’ where he stated that his group has roots in all the sixteen regions, two hundred and seventy-five constituencies across the country.

Mr. Opare-Addo said that members of the group are a mixture of professionals and experienced politicians with grassroot impacts and connections to attract support for John Mahama, and other candidates of the National Democratic Congress, adding “that any attempt to thwart the effort to make John Mahama the president  would be resisted by members of the group.

‘I will crush anyone who tries to prevent me from making John Mahama the President come December 2020’.

He explaimed that there is no one in the NDC to be crushed and that those they will crush are the members of the NPP who may attempt to prevent Mahama from succeeding Akufo-Addo.

According George, the NDC is not prepared to take peace lessons from a war monger like Akufo-Addo.

He said, they in the NDC have not forgotten about ‘All die be die’ and all other commentaries by his fanatics.

Mr. Opare-Addo was optimistic that 2020 election is the divine time for Mahama’s comeback because of the overwhelming acceptance of his candidacy across the country.”

For George Opare-Addo, the overwhelming acceptance of John Mahama by the Ghanaian people has caused the government controlled by the New Patriotic Party, to desperately implicate former President John Mahama in a crime of money laundering and corruption.

He further accused the Akufo-Addo led government of clandestinely using the media to promote falsehoods to smear and create acrimony and disaffection for John Mahama.

He said, “The truth is that there is desperation on the part of the current administration to rope in former President Mahama into a crime as a way of silencing his voice, which they see as the preeminent critical voice against the misrule that they have foisted on Ghanaians.”

“Opare-Addo stated that for the avoidance of doubt, his flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama, did not give or receive any money in cash or kind from the purchase of the Airbus’.

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