May 30, 2024

Vice President Dr. Mahamamud Bawumia and Trade Minister. Alan K. Kyeremanteng

Signs that the 2023 flagbearer election of the New Patriotic Party would not be an easy contest emerged on social media when supporters 0of three strong contenders kicked off their campaigns.

On the surface, the contest seems to be actually between a veteran flagbearer aspirant of New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Kwadwo Alan Kyeremanteng, and Alhaji Dr. Mahamud Bawumia, the longest running mate of the elephant fraternity.

But Esikado-Ketan Legislator, Joe Ghartey, who under who’s supervision newly constructed railways around Achimota was washed away by flood insist he possess the experience and exposure to lead the party as its standard-bearer.

Considered as the front row candidates, based on their platforms, name and face recognition as well as clout in NPP politics, the three gladiators come with varying areas of strengths and weaknesses.

However, the fact that there would be no incumbent on the ballot when flagbearership election holds shows that the poll could go either way and subject to the interplay of political and economic considerations, one of the three standard bearer’s hopefuls could end up as the successor of Mr. William Nana Akufo-Addo.

Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

2023 would be Alan K’s fifth try, having contested previously with Nana Akufo-Addo and 16 others in 2007 and with two others in 2015. He came very close to the coveted office fourteen years ago in a race that divided the New Patriotic Party along two broad internal factions.

He seems to be burdened with low patronage and depleting foot soldiers. His campaign may lack funding and backers. Alan makes up in his charisma and easygoing nature. Despite what many have described as ‘use and dumped’ politics, many still hold the view that he will be a better choice over his contenders.

Alan’s campaign may take its roots from people of Ashanti Region as his backbone, provided that the very same support base that gave him momentum in 2015 election are still intact.

I am not in a better position to extol his capacity, vision and experience. I shall however amplify his plans for the Country when he makes same available.

Alan Kyeremanteng served under President John Agyekum Kufour as Minister for Special Initiat0ives, Minister for Trade and Industry.

He is amongst the list of immediate past ministers waiting and lobbying for re-nomination as ministers.

Alhaji Dr. Mahammud Bawumia

The nomination of Dr. Mahammud Bawumia as running mate of the NPP was met with a lot of intrigues, but Candidate Akufo-Addo insisted on his choice. It was believed that the post primary recriminations in the party, although minimal, might hurt the fortunes of the standard bearer. But it was explained that Dr. Bawumia having been around the corridors of power as deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana, in addition to his wide-ranging experience, would put him in good stead to deliver the goods.

His emergence, as one of three frontrunners to lead the NPP, was the product of massive clamour by party faithful, which saw in him the qualities of a potential Flagbearer against the backdrop of general expectations and reservations by skeptics, who believe he is another clone of the Akyem Mafias.

Dr. Bawumia’s move from public sector to governance and politics, came about casually. Bawumia’s strengths will revolve around the possibility of continuity of the Akufo-Addo agenda. For instance, having served as Vice President for how many years exudes needed confidence and knowledge to meet the environmental sustainability challenges of Ghana, especially the issue of development planning.

He must however be weary of the forces that propelled his emergence. They could turn around to be source of his existential challenge at thick of affairs.

He is being accused of being the Akyem’s new political dummy. It is therefore in striking a balance between servicing the political structure of the godfather and delivering on his prodigious promises that he would receive Ashantis baptism. And how he meets that challenge would determine the durability of his mandate.

Despite his closeness to most members of the well-knit Akyem Mafia political structure, Bawumia does not seem to be politically savvy to the extent of infusing his own imprint in the running of the administration he hopes to form if elected next two years.

A lot of people, especially the National Democratic Congress would be interested in weighing Alan’s candidacy against the backcloth of Bawumia’s broadsides within the period preceding the intriguing NPP primary.

 Joe Ghartey

He contested for the Flagbearership election in 2015, and came 4th but later withdrew his candidature.

Joe Ghartey, is a Member of Parliament representing the people of Esikado-Ketan Constituency in the Western Region of the Republic.

He served the nation as a Deputy Attorney General, Second Deputy Speaker, and until recently, Railways Minister.


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