April 17, 2024

Accordionist Edward Akwasi Boateng

In a touching display of generosity and compassion, Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun, the esteemed founder and leader of the Spirit Life Revival Ministry, has extended a heartwarming gesture to veteran accordion gospel music maker, Edward Akwasi Boateng. During a brief ceremony held on Sunday, February 25, 2024, in Adenta-Accra, Primate Bernard welcomed Boateng to his congregation and presented him with a brand-new salon car. Alongside this generous gift, Boateng was also offered a scholarship package to cover his children’s tuition fees until they complete university, accompanied by an undisclosed monthly stipend.

The gesture came in response to a viral video circulating online, depicting Boateng selling pen drives loaded with his music at a local lorry park. Once celebrated for his hit song ‘M’akoma so Adea,’ Boateng’s recent endeavors prompted an outpouring of sympathy from the public.

Moved by Boateng’s plight, Primate Bernard’s act of kindness left Boateng visibly emotional, with tears of gratitude streaming down his face. The unexpected support offered by Primate Bernard serves as a ray of hope for Boateng and his family amid their struggles.

In a widely circulated online video, Edward Akwasi Boateng is seen being called to the forefront of the church, with Prophet El Bernard articulating the purpose behind his support for the artist. The spiritual leader also bestowed a car upon Akwasi Boateng during a service at the Spiritual Revival Ministry, where the artist attended today.

Boateng’s challenges have been well-documented, particularly following his revelation two years ago regarding the hardships he faced in his marriage. Facing mistreatment and financial strain, Boateng resorted to selling off 17 vehicles to cope with the situation.

The revelation of Boateng’s struggles has sparked widespread discussions online, with many expressing solidarity and empathy towards the renowned musician. Primate Bernard’s gesture stands as a testament to the enduring power of compassion and generosity in uplifting those facing adversity.

As Boateng embarks on a new chapter, supported by the Spirit Life Revival Ministry and the wider community, his story serves as a reminder of the importance of extending kindness and support to those in need.

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