April 17, 2024

Hopeson Adoryee, a decampee

Hopeson Yao Adorye, a former member of the governing New Patriotic Party,NPP, who recently switched allegiance to the Alan Kyeremantens-led Movement for Change, has projected a 39% performance for Vice President and New Patriotic Party flagbearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, in the 2024 presidential elections. Adorye, formerly associated with the Fixing the Country movement, expressed skepticism about the chances of his former fraternity winning the upcoming elections, deeming it improbable.

Speaking during a post-event media conversation, Adorye emphasized his belief that the current State of the Nation address would mark a transitional moment for the ruling party, leading them into opposition. He asserted that regardless of their efforts, victory in the 2024 election seemed unattainable for them.

Drawing comparisons to past electoral outcomes, Adorye referenced their defeat of then-sitting President John Mahama with a significant vote margin. He confidently stated his expectation of surpassing Vice President Bawumia, estimating a 39% vote share for him. Additionally, Adorye hinted at plans to scrutinize allegations of missing sugar and rice imports at the ports, suggesting investigations into the matter.

‘This is the last State of the Nation address he is going to deliver. And this last State of the Nation address will take them to opposition. It’s a handing over State of the Nation address. They can’t win the 2024 election. They can’t no matter how high they go, they can’t.

John Mahama was the sitting president when we defeated him with over a million votes. We shall beat Bawumia. I say Bawumia will get 39% by the end of the declaration. And he will be in opposition.

We shall drag and investigate him for all the missing sugar and rice at the ports.’ Adorye conveyed to media personnel.

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