July 19, 2024

In a bold move to address the mounting economic challenges gripping Ghana, the Alliance for Responsible Citizens (AFRC) has declared its intention to stage a mass demonstration titled ‘Y3n Peni’ against the government. Scheduled for April 23, 2024, in Kumasi and April 2, 2024, in Accra, the demonstration aims to amplify the voices of Ghanaians grappling with economic hardships.

The term ‘Y3n Peni’, meaning ‘we will not agree’ in English, encapsulates the resolve of the AFRC to confront pressing issues such as skyrocketing living costs, exorbitant utility bills, and the crippling burden of transportation expenses. The AFRC, a coalition of concerned citizens, believes that the government has fallen short of its obligations to the people, choosing instead to deflect responsibility by attributing the nation’s economic woes to external factors like the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts.

Expressing grave concern over the deteriorating economic landscape, the Convener of AFRC, Francis Ansah Tawiah asserts that Ghanaians deserve more than mere excuses from their elected leaders. With a call for immediate action to mitigate the financial strain endured by citizens, the ‘Y3n Peni’ demonstration emerges as a peaceful and lawful platform for Ghanaians to demand transparency and accountability from their government.

Francis Ansah Tawiah, emphasized the significance of collective action in effecting change. “We urge all Ghanaians feeling the pinch of economic hardships to join us in solidarity during the ‘Y3n Peni’ demonstration,” Tawiah stated. “Together, we can send a resounding message to the government that empty promises and excuses are no longer acceptable.”

As preparations for the demonstration gain momentum, AFRC calls upon citizens from all walks of life to participate actively in shaping the future of Ghana. With the eyes of the nation turned towards Kumasi and Accra, the ‘Y3n Peni’ demonstration promises to be a pivotal moment in Ghana’s quest for socio-economic justice.

For further inquiries and media contact:
Francis Ansah Tawiah, Convener
Phone: 0242927652

[Secretary’s Name], Secretary
Phone: 0242104754

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