June 20, 2024

Prof Enoch Opoku Antwi, Prof is the Dean of Business Administration at Academic City University College

In a thought-provoking discourse centered on the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society, Prof Enoch Opoku Antwi, the esteemed Prof is the Dean of Business Administration at Academic City University College, underscored the critical role of human intelligence in navigating the evolution of technology. This enlightening contribution took place during a roundtable discussion on the exploration of job creation and the future, an event orchestrated by the esteemed Enterprise Bureau.
Addressing an assembly of brilliant minds gathered to delve into the burgeoning megatrends of technological advancement, Professor Opoku articulated a compelling perspective. While acknowledging the remarkable strides made by AI, he emphasized the inherent imperative of human intellect in steering the ethical and efficient utilization of such technology.

‘AI is undoubtedly a remarkable tool, but we mustn’t overlook the reality that it remains an artificial construct, capable of creating substantial chaos if not judiciously implemented,” expressed Professor Opoku. “Our advantage as humans lies in our ability to infuse intelligence with empathy, ethical considerations, and contextual understanding, aspects that AI, despite its capabilities, still lacks.’

The event organized by Enterprise Bureau curated an assembly of top-tier intellectuals and industry leaders, fostering an environment conducive to progressive discussions aimed at charting a collective path toward an AI-infused future. The forum provided a platform for these luminaries to exchange insights and deliberate on strategies for leveraging technological advancements while preserving the human-centric approach to innovation.

Throughout the discourse, participants resonated with Professor Opoku’s emphasis on the significance of human cognition, intuition, and ethical discernment in tandem with AI’s proliferation. The consensus underscored the indispensable role humans play in steering the trajectory of AI integration, ensuring that its development aligns with societal values and ethical standards.

The collaborative exchange culminated in a collective reaffirmation of the pivotal role that human intelligence holds in complementing and guiding the evolution of AI. As enterprises and industries forge ahead in embracing transformative technologies, the resounding message from Professor Enock Opoku and the collaborative panel emphasized the imperative of harmonising human intellect with the advancements in AI to cultivate a future that is both innovative and ethic

Prof Enoch Opoku Antwi, Prof is the Dean of Business Administration at Academic City University College
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