June 20, 2024

The Guinness World Records (GWR), has debunked claims that they have approved an attempt by a 25-year-old Cameroonian lady to break the record for the longest sex duration. “We do not monitor a record title for Longest sex duration,” a Guinness World Records spokesperson said. GWR’s response puts to rest, wild speculations after a certain Danny Zara announced on Facebook that she has been given approval by Guinness World Records to carry out the sex marathon. This also quells rumors spread that a Nigerian had set this record. News blogs in the West African Nation and beyond claimed that the current record for the longest sex duration (15 hours 7 minutes & 23secs) is being held by a Nigerian man since 2013. GWR has maintained that sex does not fall under the category of challenges they monitor. Why was Danny Zara trending? “Ladies and Gentlemen, after due confirmation from the Guinness Books of Records, I have decided to break a record of the longest sex Hour,” Zara said in a post that has now gone viral. She added that her mission was being planned with her team. Her post which has now been taken down was shared by hundreds – including local blogs – making her start trending in Cameroon and beyond. Many were questioning the rationale behind such a marathon – given the many areas where records could be set or broken. Danny Zara hails from Mankon, North West Region of Cameroon, It is worth mentioning that of the many people of African descent who have graced the GWR, there is no Cameroonian among them.

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