July 15, 2024

John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten

Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, a potential presidential candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has pledged to pay a monthly salary to all party officials if he becomes the party’s flagbearer, thereby abandoning his long-standing promise to open for them Bank Accounts.

Alan emphasized that his government would prioritize the well-being of the people upon whose support the party stands.

Alan Kyerematen expressed the need for a framework and initiatives for party funding. He cited his success in establishing Constituency Business Ventures in the past and believes it would strengthen the party. Additionally, he recommended a remuneration system for party executives at both constituency and national levels to enable them to focus on party affairs. He suggested a retirement plan for committed full-time party officials as an incentive for others to join.

According to his proposal, party executives working full-time should receive a complete salary to allow them to dedicate more time and attention to party-related tasks. He capped off his proposition by revealing plans for a pension program that caters to retired party officials who devoted their entire time to working for the NPP. He emphasized that the party should be the main focus since it is the party that secures the government’s position.

As part of his tour of the Central region, the serial contestant stated these comments in an interview on Kastle 90.3Fm in Cape Coast.

During an interview with the host Akua Agyekumwah, when asked about his plans for the party and the transformational system he would implement, he emphasized that the party’s interests must take precedence before he can become the nation’s president. As a result, he proposed introducing something novel to benefit the party and enhance the loyalty and dedication of party members at all levels.

Mr Kyerematen is confident that the party is ready for him to lead in the next elections, and he hopes that God’s will be revealed during the selection process. When asked about the delegates’ response to his presence in the region, he expressed his optimism.

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