Anas Soldiers Brutalize Minister’s Boys

• In fight clash over land


Some irate military men led by Major Issah of the Southern Command believed to be working for an ace investigative reporter, Anas Aremeyaw Anas on Tuesday attacked some young men working on a piece of land behind Trade Fair said to belong to Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah, a Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Regional Re-organization. The soldiers allegedly beat, stripped the boys naked, and dumped them in the Military Police cells of Ghana Armed Forces at Burma Camp without any charge.

The boys have been identified as; Eric Akotua Blay, Joseph Quartey, Nathaniel Ampah were heavily maltreated by Major Issah and his ‘land guards’ soldiers.

It was alleged that the angry soldiers were rushing to share some money believed to have been taken from land guards working around that site when they pounced on the young men who were working on the land of their boss, the deputy minister. According to reports, the soldiers treated them with some sound beating and thereafter locked them up at the Burma Camp military cells.

Investigation gathered by The Hawk reveals that the Deputy Minister has been battling Ace undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas of the Crusading Guide Newspaper for ownership of the land.  Over four clear hours after caging the boys in the military cells, The Hawk can report authoritatively that they were not charged, and there were no records on them at the counter of cells.

“I was only working on the instructions from the above,” Major Issah of the Southern Command told The Hawk in an exclusive chat, but he was not ready to disclose the identity of who the above was. However, a deeper search by this paper indicates that a Brigadier General, named withheld at the Southern Command is the officer behind all unofficial operations led by Major Issah. It was alleged that he has become a ‘Brigadier General of land guards’, beating innocent citizens at whims and caprices of his cronies. ­­­­­

Not only was Major Issah unprofessional and irresponsible, sources say, but reports indicate that he clearly abused the rules of the military that suggest that you cannot detain a civilian in a military cell if that civilian has not offended the military command, its officers, and or wife of a military officer.

Major Issah, after dumping the boys in cells at the Military Police Headquarters left without a written or verbal complaint, but for the professional and swift intervention of Colonel Commey, a Provo Marshal of the Ghana Armed Forces, the boys would have stayed in cells beyond the 48 hours rule.

“We only keep civilian(s) who misbehave against officers or their wives here,” one Military Officer told The Hawk on a very strict condition of anonymity.

Before the incident, Abdul Malik Baako Junior had reportedly scheduled a meeting between his ‘boy’ Anas and the Deputy Minister, Martin Adjei Mensah-Korsah in an attempt to resolve the disagreement.



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