May 30, 2024

Pastor and Wife of the Apostolic Church (Mr. and Mrs. Ahenkorah)

 After Visa Scam Exposé

The Kisseman Branch of the Apostolic Church of Ghana finds itself embroiled in controversy as Ruth Ahenkorah, the wife of its Head Pastor, absconds from Ghana, leaving behind a string of disillusioned victims ensnared in a fraudulent visa scheme.

Operating under the auspices of Anointed Travel and Tours, a company where Ruth and her husband, Pastor Dr. Jacob Ahenkorah, hold directorial positions, the couple stands accused of orchestrating a deceitful ploy promising Australian work permits to unsuspecting individuals in exchange for hefty sums of money.

Philip Leroy Ampong, one of the victims, recounts his harrowing experience, having parted with a substantial Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis under the guise of securing an Australian working visa and air ticket for a cruise ship opportunity. To his dismay, upon arriving at Kotoka International Airport in February 2023, Philip discovered that both the visa and ticket provided were counterfeit, shattering his dreams of a new life abroad.

Undeterred by this setback, Pastor Jacob Ahenkorah purportedly promised Philip a German visa, only for this endeavor to meet a similar fate of rejection. Subsequently, promises of arranging a student visa for travel to Canada were made, further compounding the victims’ woes.

Investigations into the scam revealed additional victims, Samuel Banfo, Patrick Bajeri, and Samuel Asare, who, like Philip, fell prey to the Ahenkorahs’ fraudulent machinations, collectively losing a staggering sum of One Hundred and Five Thousand cedis. Their hopes dashed and their finances depleted, these victims found themselves at the mercy of a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by individuals they had trusted implicitly.

In Samuel Asare’s case, Anointed Travel and Tours engaged the services of Liberty Law Consult, a law firm, to correspond with him.

“Our client has informed us that it received a total of Ninety Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC90,000.00). In light of this, our client has instructed us to notify you that it is committed to refunding the payments made in connection with the Australia Cruise Ship job within three (3) months from receipt of this letter.” The letter, signed and stamped by Thomas Nelson on June 5th, 2023, stated in part.

Compounding the victims’ plight is the allegation that the Police Investigator assigned to the case, identified only as Constance, facilitated Ruth Ahenkorah’s departure from the country.

They said, despite initial assurances of Ruth’s detainment, it later transpired that she had relocated abroad, leaving her victims to grapple with the aftermath of her deception.

‘We were told by the Police Investigator to come and rewrite our statement. This was after the lady (Ruth) had relocated.

As the victims seek recourse and justice for their losses, the ramifications of the Ahenkorah’s actions reverberate throughout the community, underscoring the devastating impact of fraudulent schemes on unsuspecting individuals.

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