May 30, 2024

Pastor and Wife of the Apostolic Church (Mr. and Mrs. Ahenkorah)

The Kissieman Branch Pastor of the Apostolic Church of Ghana, Pastor Dr. Jacob Ahenkorah, and his wife, Ruth Ahenkorah, are facing allegations of defrauding congregants of their life savings under the guise of securing them working visas to Australia.

Leveraging their positions as pastor and wife of a prominent church, the couple purportedly established a company named Anointed Travel and Tours to deceive ‘born again Christians’ seeking opportunities to relocate abroad for better prospects.

Unbeknownst to the victims, Pastor Jacob and his wife Ruth allegedly used the enticing offer of working visas to Australia as a ruse to swindle them of their funds. The scheme was orchestrated to facilitate Ruth Ahenkorah’s relocation to Australia in December 2022, with congregants believing they would follow suit by March 2023.

According to victims, they were assured of a 100% guarantee of success and were each required to pay ninety thousand cedis upfront, with an additional ten thousand cedis, totaling one hundred thousand cedis per head, to cover the cost of the Australian cruise ship working visa and air ticket within three months.

Several victims, including Philip Leroy and Samuel Asare, claim they complied with the agreement, paying the required amount and receiving receipts. Others, such as Samuel Banfo and Patrick Bajeri, paid ninety thousand cedis as a partial payment of two hundred thousand cedis, with the remainder to be settled later.

However, after making payments, victims discovered that the office of Anointed Travel and Tours was closed, and their attempts to reach Ruth Ahenkorah were futile. Allegations suggest that Pastor Ahenkorah reassured victims while Ruth remained unresponsive, eventually leaving the country despite assurances from the police investigator assigned to the case, identified only as Constance.

The victims allege that despite initial promises of Ruth’s detainment, it later became apparent that she had relocated abroad, leaving them to deal with the aftermath of her deception.

As victims seek justice for their losses, the community grapples with the repercussions of the Ahenkorahs’ actions, highlighting the devastating impact of fraudulent schemes on unsuspecting individuals.

Meanwhile, the church’s response to the conduct of its pastor remains a subject of scrutiny, with concerns raised about the church’s image being tarnished by the scandal.

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