June 20, 2024

The second edition of the AYAC Global Tour Conference, which commenced in Kumasi on September 16, 2023, concluded successfully in Accra on Sunday, the 22nd of October, 2023. The conference concluded with a resounding call for Ghanaians to embark on the transformative journey of character rebuilding.

The GNAT Hall in Adabraka, Accra, was filled to capacity as attendees were captivated by the profound insights shared by AYAC’s founder, Evelyn Warlson Annan, on the subject of the long-standing “slave mentality” that has hindered the progress of Africans for generations.

Addressing the audience under the theme “Taking The Slave Out of The Slave Bible,” Mama Warlson stressed the urgent need for Africans to awaken their consciousness and recognise that the portrayal of Africans in the Bible is a distortion of their true identity.

She highlighted the craft of manipulation, intimidation, and domination that is instilled in people from childhood, which, as they grow, diverts their focus from character development. This diversion leads to the neglect of nurturing the character traits necessary for mutual support and nation building.

Mama Warlson pointed out the unfortunate consequence of this lack of character development, where people tend to perceive all those in public office as corrupt, a belief rooted in their shared early experiences of manipulation, intimidation, and domination. She emphasized that it’s time for Africans to lay new foundations for character development, particularly directed at nation building, to replace the flawed foundations established during childhood.

“We are calling for a character rebuilding in each individual, so that manipulation and intimidation are not the means to achieve personal goals. With this transformation, those in positions of power can use their influence to benefit their communities, their nation, and the entire African continent,” emphasized the AYAC founder.

The third edition of the AYAC Global Tour is scheduled to take place in Takoradi, marking the conclusion of the first phase of these enlightening awakening conferences

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