May 30, 2024

Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku, the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North, has made significant contributions to his constituency’s development by donating building materials to several communities. In his efforts to support the region, he provided 280 bags of cement, sand, and stones for various projects.

During the parliamentary recess, Dr. Minta Nyarku was active in his constituency, engaging in various initiatives to benefit the local community. These included donations of football equipment, farming supplies, and fishing equipment to different communities. He also attended numerous events throughout the constituency.

On October 21, 2023, Dr. Minta Nyarku began another round of donations, targeting Akotokyir, Kakomdo, and Kyereakomfo communities. The contributions included building materials for market construction, pavement development, and public toilet construction in these communities.

On October 22, 2023, Dr. Minta Nyarku continued his charitable activities by providing building materials to the Fountain Gate Chapel at Ankaful community. These materials will support the construction of a Children’s block.

The final stop was in the Efutu community, where Dr. Minta Nyarku donated building materials to assist in the construction of a durbar ground, fulfilling a pledge he had made during a previous visit to the community.

The Member of Parliament expressed his gratitude to the Chiefs and residents of the beneficiary communities for their trust and patience in awaiting the fulfillment of his commitments. In response, the Chiefs and residents conveyed their appreciation for Dr. Minta Nyarku’s contributions and wished him continued success and long life.

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