Ayikoi Otoo’s hypocrisy about ‘Aduro woso’ – Kufour


Kufour has told former Ambassador Ayikoi Otoo to stop deceiving the world with his ‘Aduro woso’ posture, saying; “the former Attorney General lacks the moral rights to talk about ‘aduro woso’ and challenged him to explain to Ghanaians why he didn’t support candidate Akufo-Addo with the same principle.

Kwame Osei Kufour, who was reacting to a comment credited to Joseph Ayikoi Otoo that NPP flagbearership is by turns and that it’s the turn of Alan Kyeremanten.

In an article issued on Sunday, Kufour said it smacked of the highest level of hypocrisy for someone like Ayikoi Otoo to be sermonising about ‘aduro woso mantrar, having supported Alan against Nana Akufo-Addo in the past.

Below is Kufour’s article …

As I stated in the recent past, it is relevant to stress that the NPP will elect its new flagbearer based on their loyalty and genuine commitment to the NPP. Former Ambassador to Canada, Mr Ayikoi Otoo, has every right to support Alan but he cannot have the right to hide behind strange views as his reasons.

Ayikoi Otoo supported Alan over Nana in 3 continual elections- 2007, 2010 and 2014. Ayikoi Otoo supported Alan, contrary to a so-called tradition and the declaration by then-candidate Kufour.

For Ayikoi Otoo to turn around to hang his personal motive and agenda of supporting Alan over a so-called tradition he deliberately refused to believe and follow, makes it justified to describe his views as DISHONEST and RISIBLE.

Which tradition did Alan rely on in contesting Nana 3 times in a row? Was it Ga or Elmina tradition?

Unlike Dr Bawumia whose Presidential ambition appears to be fully supported by MPs and other industrious Ghanaians, Alan’s Presidential campaign in 2007 was state-sponsored fully. Dr Bawumia’s campaign has been described as the most modest campaign in Ghana’s history. Where MPs are in his company, he opts for a single bus to convey them. There are several reports on how Alan used state aircraft for his campaign in 2007. Ayikoi Otoo is well aware of this. Thus, using resources as a basis of the argument makes it a strawman argument.

Recently, a small group of elders in the NPP who have their own long-standing prejudice and inherent dislike for Vice President Dr Bawumia have suddenly consigned reason into the bin, and are seeking to advance their own grotesque views in expressing their dislike for the candidacy of Dr Bawumia. However, despite much effort they put in, their reasons have always been ridiculous, ludicrous and farcical. They should just declare their personal reasons for supporting Alan, but to desperately base it on a strange idea must be vehemently condemned. Both President Kufour and HM Otumfour have expressed their satisfaction with Dr Bawumia’s loyalty to Ghana and the NPP.

By: Kwame Osei Kufour,

Apagya fie, Kumasi



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