May 30, 2024

Dr. Bawumia, flanked dutifully by Sylvester Tetteh.

The Bawumia Campaign Team has refuted recent allegations claiming that the campaign is being funded by an Islamic group in Nigeria called the ACF. In a statement issued by the Communications Directorate, they labelled the narrative as false, fabricated, and purely designed for propaganda purposes.

The allegations first surfaced in a post by David Humdeyin, a Nigerian journalist, and subsequently, were propagated by some individuals and groups in Ghana on social media. However, the Bawumia Campaign Team categorically denies any connection or financial support from the ACF or any other Islamic group, emphasizing that such claims hold no truth.

Dr Gideon Boako, a spokesperson for the Bawumia Campaign, stated, “For the avoidance of doubt, the Bawumia Campaign has no funding or any linkage with any Islamic group in Nigeria or anywhere else. We also note that the said David Humdeyin has demonstrated a penchant for making similar claims against some persons and groups in Nigeria without any basis whatsoever.”

The campaign reassured the public that they remain focused on their mission and will not be deterred by baseless and untrue rumours. They highlighted Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s long-standing reputation for diligence and transparency throughout his life, from his days as a scholar, banker, to his current role as a politician.

Dr Bawumia has consistently demonstrated his commitment to ethical conduct and adherence to the principles of fair and honest campaigning. The campaign team urged the public to ignore false narratives and concentrate on the issues at hand, focusing on the Vice President’s vision for Ghana’s progress and development.

As Ghana gears up for the upcoming elections, the Bawumia Campaign Team stands firm in its dedication to a positive and constructive electoral process. They called on all parties involved to engage in fair and respectful campaigning, centered on presenting their policies and plans for the nation’s betterment.

The Communications Directorate concluded by urging the public to seek accurate and reliable information from credible sources and refrain from sharing unverified claims. They emphasized the importance of fostering a responsible and informed citizenry, committed to promoting a healthy democratic discourse.


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