July 19, 2024

Former President J.A. Kufuor

In recent days, the Office of Former President John Kufuor has been flooded with unrelenting rumours about his alleged demise. However, the office swiftly addressed these reports and categorically refuted any truth to such claims, emphasizing that the former president is alive and in good health.

The public is urged to dismiss these malicious and baseless rumours, which seem to have no foundation or credibility. The office also called on those responsible for spreading such wicked untruths to stop immediately, as this is not the first instance of such false reports circulating.

Speculation points towards mischief-making and potential political motives behind the dissemination of these unfounded death rumours. While the exact reasons for the rumours remain unclear, they have caused unnecessary distress and concern among the public.

Dr. Kwaberra Osei-Adubofour, Senior Aide, and Spokesman for Former President Kufuor, made the official statement to dispel the false reports. He requested that the public respect the privacy and well-being of the former president, wishing him continuous blessings.

It is crucial for the public to rely on credible sources and verified information before believing and sharing sensitive news. False reports can create unnecessary panic and stress for the family and loved ones of public figures, as well as the general population.

As the nation continues to support Former President Kufuor during this time of unnecessary turmoil, authorities may investigate the origin of these rumours to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.


  • Contact:
  • Dr. Kwaberra Osei-Adubofour
  • Senior Aide & Spokesman for Former President Kufuor
  • Tel: +233 208136920
  • Email: oseiak1@gmail.com

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