June 20, 2024

Dr Lawrence Appiah

Seriously, when the Plagiarized President called on Ghanaians to be citizens and not to be spectators, did the NPP members understand what he meant? Did they think Nana Addo was telling them to shout “one dollar, one constituency and one district, one factory” when there would be nothing to show? I know the NPP people to be amazing individuals but their noise and insults this week, have made me to understand Dr. Mensah Otabil, when he said since January 2017, he has stopped watching human beings on TV. He has resorted to watching animals. He said even animals make more sense than the human beings running the country.

The NPP released their attack dogs on President John Mahama and his crime was that, he decided to weed his neighborhood so he will remain a good citizen. Are the 53% who voted for the NPP now know the kind of people they voted for? I am sure they thought they were voting for people who will reason and help solve their problems. I am sure they thought they were voting for people with common sense to solve basic problems for them.

The secret behind the attack on JM is that his action of weeding his neighborhood exposed the Nana Addo government of having 125 family and friends’ ministers, one of them being the sanitation minister. This single action by President John Mahama has opened the eyes of Ghanaians to the reality that they are paying 125 Ministers and they are basically doing nothing. One thing the NPP don’t want Ghanaians to know is that this administration is the most wasteful government in this forth republic, going to state visits with 50 Prado SUVS.

Do Ghanaians remember how the Minister of Education received various awards after parents met at the independent square over the government’s failure to assign their children schools? Again, those awards were given to Napo to cover up the mess of this government in the education sector. Napo is also one of the 125 family and friends Ministers in this useless and clueless government.

Isn’t it amazing that when Nana Addo went and slept at Sochi in Russia, no NDC member even coughed about it? Do you see that because Nana Addo went and slept at Sochi and people didn’t talk, the Agriculture Minister, Hon. Owusu Afriyie-Akoto also slept in parliament when the Budget was being read? Immediately after the Budget was read, the NPP came up with a photoshop of Hon. Isaac Adongo also sleeping. Thank God Hon. Adongo came out quickly to expose the NPP by saying he was in black uniform mourning his beloved mother. He wasn’t in suit and red tie. This means, was it only the Agric Minister who slept in Parliament? You see what 125 Ministers with a sleeping and plagiarized President can do?

So, with 125 Ministers, is this the kind of Budget they could produce, or we should expect another one? Wasn’t John Mahama’s 84 Ministers’ Budget far better than this one? The dust is now settled, and the verdict is out. There is nothing this NPP family and friends 125 Ministers can do for Ghana. Nana Addo told us to assess his 125 Ministers not by their numbers but by their output. If this budget is all they can show, then I agree with my fellow Ghanaians who call this a “bye bye budget” No wonder, Hon Afriyie-Akoto was deep in his sleep when it was being read. All the 125 Ministers and the President are tired. Ghanaians need to give them a resting vote in 2020. Enough of these sleeping old men! Enough of this nonsense!!!


Dr Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement based in USA.

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